At the point of writin’ this (22.08.19 @ 7:27pm), the decision to set up a photography Insta is probably about an hour into it’s new life. Upon speakin’ to a close one, the realisation was made abundantly clear, set somethin’ up seperate from my other projects to showcase multiple skill-sets. And I agree. As mentioned last week, “you’re never too old to learn somethin new”. I can’t stress this enough. I already mention the reasons for gettin’ back into photography last week so I shan’t bore you with repetition. Instead… lend me your attention for a few minutes ‘n’ let’s touch on somethin’ new. We won’t be here long.

For those that read last month’s entry, welcome back. For those that are new to #OperationIdris, welcome. You can check out the previous entries here. I’m gonna keep it one hunna from the jump. May was tragic! The featured image says it all. To me, no real progression – dare I say regressed? What should have been a month of might mysteriously meandered into a month of misery. Momentum became momentary. Bein’ the second planned month of the PPL split, the idea was to go out with a bang before I switched up. The gym can be monotonous so I find switchin’ not only “shocks the muscles” as the legend Arnie once quoted, but variance is good for the pysche. Doin’ the same thing over ‘n’ over can send you crazy! ‘N’ loopy I became. This month, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 5.