Here he is – the big man himself. Or as the birth cerfiticate states (that’s an intentional mis-spell – word to Uncle Marley), Hayden. I remember when we first brought him home he was no bigger than a Bowtruckle. Fast forward 16 years ‘n’ he’s swallowed 10 galleons worth of skelegrow, grown some whiskers ‘n’ possesses bass in his voice that’s not dissimilar to mine. Not bad for the ‘baby’ of mum’s trio. When he hit me up ‘n’ told me he wanted to shoot, I simply said: “yeah, let’s do it” – it was mutually beneficial. I needed practice, ‘n’ I’m sure he’s lookin’ fresh pics to secure the bag. The youngers think they got the game patterned when us man invented the game, the rules, ‘n’ the cheat code. Today I introduce to you Demz Visuals: Hayden.

Let me fill you in on a little secret. My geography is woeful. And I mean woeful. I traverse the same streets on a regular basis takin’ the same routes whilst not payin’ attention to street names. Most of us probably do. However, if someone was to ask me how to get somewhere, automatically, my brain goes into ‘cease’ mode. It’s a little funny truth be told. Why am I mentionin’ this here? The location of this shoot has somehow eluded me for a while. Each day when I’m en route to the office, I go by on the train. I’ve been here before. I know how to get there. Or so I thought a few months back when I went with my cousin to shoot, somehow couldn’t figure out how to get to it by foot rather than goin’ by on a train ‘n’ ended up shootin’ elsewhere. So you can imagine my joy as I found it on my excursion over a week ago. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Andronic.

After I uploaded the images from the Dyno shoot ‘n’ made a bite-sized blog post, I asked myself one simple question: “Why don’t you just upload the images from each shoot to your blog rather than solely Insta?”. When I initially created this space separate from IBTC, it was intended as a platform to showcase all things Demz. As per the ‘bio’ on my page, I’m a man of simplicity – there’s only a handful of things that intrigue me enough to commit to on a somewhat regular basis. As per the #OperationIdris posts, I enjoy liftin’ weights. As per my sporadic trysts with music, I enjoy writin’ ‘n’ recordin’ music – that relationship status is currently set to ‘it’s complicated’. ‘N’ finally, as per my “you’re never too old to learn somethin’ new” post, I enjoy capturin’ images. I find it dope. So, in the aim of providin’ quality content on a more consistent basis, today I present to you, Demz Visuals: Platt Fields Rose.

At the point of writin’ this (22.08.19 @ 7:27pm), the decision to set up a photography Insta is probably about an hour into it’s new life. Upon speakin’ to a close one, the realisation was made abundantly clear, set somethin’ up seperate from my other projects to showcase multiple skill-sets. And I agree. As mentioned last week, “you’re never too old to learn somethin new”. I can’t stress this enough. I already mention the reasons for gettin’ back into photography last week so I shan’t bore you with repetition. Instead… lend me your attention for a few minutes ‘n’ let’s touch on somethin’ new. We won’t be here long.