In terms of a complete collection, to date, this is the closest I’ve come to bein’ happy with the complete set – ‘n’ there were about just under 50 images that I bounced out to LR! So that’s gotta count for somethin’ right? That bein’ said, though I thoroughly enjoyed shootin’ this one ‘n’ editin’, this was the shoot that made me realise I needed to now work smarter. Yes it’s good to have a dope collection, but as the work loads increasin’, I need to be more practical with my time. Is it necessary to edit nearly 50 images? Maybe, maybe not. I say it’s contextual. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Danieka

You see this little guy here… he’s what you call a legend! At only 6 months old, he’s young, energetic ‘n’ an overall bundle of joy. When I started this page, I didn’t even envisage a time when I’d have pets on the page. I thought it was humans only. How specist of me! I’m glad this little fella came along ‘n’ changed all that. A product of ‘r’ Julia’s occasional dog-sittin’ duties, he came along ‘n’ stole the damn show. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Baxter.

Simply put, this is one of my favourite collections to date. To be more precise, at the point of writin’ this entry (02.11.19), it’s in the top 2. I mean, it’s not hard considerin’ there’s only a few of them. But the fact remains nonetheless. It’s amazin’ when you acknowledge what focus, persistence, ‘n’ determination will do for an individual. By no means am I tootin’ a horn to say: “look at me! I’m wavy with the cam ‘n’ edits now.” What I am sayin’ is, in two months, from the first image I uploaded to the Insta page to this one, the levels have progressed for all to see. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Maria – Pt.2

If memory serves correct, this was one of the last shoots I did before we had a run of rain which hindered me utilisin’ my assigned time on weekends to shoot. Bit of a mouthful that sentence wasn’t it! But the fact remains. In truth, I haven’t taken advantage of the autumnal tones so far this year. With my work schedule, the earlier approach of darkness ‘n’ the bad weather, it’s difficult to shoot sometimes when you’re not a full-time photographer. But you make it work! Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Chanice

I didn’t intend on this entry bein’ so late. If you follow the Insta page, you’ll know the routine by now. Post the trilogy (one per day) ‘n’ on the day after the final chapter has been posted, the blog post follows. < That sentence sounds a tad… messy. Ahh well – I’m too tired to change it. But you get the jist. Three pics. One per day. Day after the final pic comes the blog post. But here’s the thing. My workload has significantly increased – but that’s beautiful thing. There isn’t enough time in the day! Anyhow, we here now. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Jerome – Pt3. 

Aaand we’re back! Yet another withdrawal from the archival bank of imagery, we find ourselves preein’ the final chapter in the trilogy that was Andra. If I don’t make a deposit soon, I’m gonna be enterin’ an un-arranged overdaft – ‘n’ we don’t wanna do that! Luckily, at the point of writin’ this, I shot some new content the previous week (3 clients) ‘n’ I’ve just finished one of three commissioned jobs (more on that in the blog posts to come), plus I’ve lined up quite a few shoots. Despite the bad weather ‘n’ the darkenin’ of the hours, the work continues… ‘n’ that’s a beautiful thing. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Andra – Pt.3.

Picture the scenes. Wrappin up the Envisage shoot in Deansgate, I head to the station ‘n’ hop on a train to my sister’s for Remi ‘n’ mum’s joint birthday party. Quick fyi, mum had no idea it was joint so we got her good with the “SURPRISE!” later that evenin’. Bless her. Anyhow, a little hot under the collar, I make a quick detour to Primarmi to grab a fresh black T (£2.50), ‘n’ hopped in an Uber to my final destination. Arrivin’ earlier than most, I kicked it with my nephews whilst waitin’ for the others to turn up. By now, the family know I’ve ventured into photography. With that knowledge, when Bola rocked up, I simply asked: “you fancy some new drip for the Gram?” Respondin’ in the affirmative, we hit the backyard ‘n’ cooked up some quick content. Just like that. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Bola.