Here’s the thing. When I decided to set up I Be The Cool last year, the idea was for it to be a platform that primarily showcased music and fashion pieces. Whether you’re a rapper; singer, DJ, producer, fashion designer, artist, it didn’t matter. If your ‘art’ fits the pre-requisite, this is the place to be. But; you have to be the the muh-funkin’ cool. However, there was an ulterior motive. IBTC was a way for me to flex my literary skills and somewhat put my English degree to some good use. As some of you are aware via my daily gym uploads on Insta, at the point of writin’ this, I’m enterin’ my fourth consecutive month of trainin’. In that time, I’ve had numerous people ask questions regardin’ dietin’, trainin’ splits and the mental strength needed to persevere. Durin’ a rest period in the gym last week I thought to myself, why don’t I create a blog series about my journey? Then I thought to myself, the only platform I have at present is IBTC; that’s for music and fashion features. Then I realised, it’s my blog space; I’m the one payin’ for it. In the words of a former friend from uni: “I’ll do what I want!”. With that in mind, I created a new tab under the Lifestyle section. This week, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – The Inception.