The edits on this collection are what I’d call a beautiful accident. Somewhat. Here’s what happened. In my journey thus far, with each edit, I’ve been creatin’ presets. That bein’ said, I’ve found presets are not a ‘one size fits all’. Maybe that’s because I’m still learnin’ the trade, or maybe that’s a true statement a professional photographer can attest to. Feel free to hit me up ‘n’ drop some knowledge on me. I’m still a padawan happy to gain wisdom. I’m already veerin’ off course so before we end up in a bush at the end of the wrong turn, let’s get the introduction out the way. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Jerome.

Before we move like Wiley Coyote ‘n’ roll deep down route 66 in search of Road Runner, let’s address a mistake made in the previous entry. At the point of writin’, I only ‘knew’ Kiran from Insta. We’d never met in person. So when we linked up, created some content ‘n’ posted, I mistakenly addressed her as Kira. It’s Kiran. K. I. R. A. N. Kiran. Seein’ as I had a dope shoot ‘longside Kiran the first time, we conversed ‘n’ agreed on a second link up to create more content. So that’s what Kiran and I did. Why have I mentioned her name so many times in one paragraph? It’s to remind myself to do my due diligence ‘n’ not get sh*t wrong. ‘N’ I call myself a student of the game! Clearly wasn’t paying’ attention in class. Anyhow, today, I introduce to you: DemzVisuals: Kiran Part 2.

At the point of this shoot, It was the most fun I’d had. It was relaxed; it was jovial; and the energies were aligned. Yet another Creative I’ve had the pleasure of meetin’ through DA YIC, Mamo’s a cool kid. He’s one of the youngers with their head screwed. Currently studyin’ at uni, he’s also signed to Boss Model management. When I was his age, I’d recently dropped out of uni (my first attempt), ‘n’ came back to the bits on my bullsh*t with my boys instead of tryin’ to make positive moves. I feel a sense of pride when I see the youngers opt for positivity ‘n’ not allow themselves to become ‘stuck in the mud’ – word to Isaiah Rashad. So, it’s with pleasure I can say: today I present to you DemzVisuals: Mamo.

It’s funny how things come full circle. The featured image (courtesy of Joe), is testament to that. It’s an entendre of visuals. Here, you have a portrayal of me capturin’ a portrait of Liam. But it’s more than that. This image also represents what I refer to as ‘image-gang’. If you don’t know what that means, I’ve got you. Usually with negative connotations, it’s a term used to represent one who acts or adheres to certain habits in an attempt to portray traits conducive to a particular stereotype/way of life. In simpler terms, at the point of this picture bein’ taken, I wasn’t what you’d refer to as a ‘photographer’. Yes I was takin’ genuine pictures of Liam usin’ his camera, whilst Joe was capturin’ it all for his personal content. But, at the point of this picture bein’ taken, I just wanted some wavy shots for the Gram. A lot’s changed since then.

Quick disclaimer. Since my last entry, quite a bit has changed. As per the addition of the ‘DemzVisuals’ tab ‘n’ the blog posts pertainin’ to said tab, the blog has grown. When I initially set it up seperate from IBTC, (I feel I’ve written this somewhere already), the idea was to put personal posts to myself away from the business. This was to serve as my: “I’ll post what I want page”. That bein’ said, one must show lee-way for expansion. When it was just my personal content, I didn’t mind the ‘bare’ upper body shots bein’ the featured image. However, due to an expansion ‘n’ diversity in content type, my featured images shall be: ‘pg’. It may not look good havin’ innocent subject posts next to a ‘half-in the buff’ man. You’ll have to actually open the post ‘n’ read it now to see that. Not much to see this month really. I had a mini relapse ‘n’ indulged in some ice cream ‘n’ pizzas as of late. But, to paraphrase the immortal words of the mythic Alfred Pennyworth (I feel like I’ve written this already also): “we fall so we learn to pick ourselves up”.  This month I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 8. 

Tuesday 03rd September was an incredibly productive day. I said it before ‘n’ I’ll say it again – what started as an initial meetin’ with Joe to catch up ‘n’ test out the 35 turned into a creative accident. By the time I was headin’ home, I captured enough images to curate around a solid week of content – both as Insta posts ‘n’ blog entries. Though a man of routine, expect the unexpected. ‘N’ when the unexpected should meander its way into your tried ‘n’ tested trodden paths, be ready to go off course. Because of course, these are the moments in which we thrive. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Taryle ‘n’ Keenan.

In the immortal words uttered by Aaliyah Dana Haughton, the reason I have been a widower since 2001: “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off ‘n’ try again”. I actually just switched off one of my house playlists (I listen to Deep House whilst bloggin’, editin’ ‘n’ creatin’ content), to put Try Again on. I haven’t listened to this record in a while. The marriage between Timbaland ‘n’ Aaliyah’s angelic vocals – perfection! Anyhow, I’m gettin’ side-tracked as per. That’s not why we’re here. We’re here to plug some content. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: JS Visuals – Take 2.