In truth, these images are a major throwback. Though the beauty of the autumnal tones are now upon us, as with life, there must be balance. Yes the current yellow, orange ‘n’ red hues provide a brilliant backdrop for one to create vivid imagery, but when doin’ outdoor shoots, it comes at a cost. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the other side of the ‘beauty’ has been the rain. But that’s when one must get creative. One method of this creativity? Have an archive of images at hand. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Kiran – Pt.3. 

Considerin’ some of these shots were already posted in Jerome’s first blog post,  I was on the fence on whether I should do another. Is it cheatin’? Is it creatin’ content for the sake of creatin’ content? You tell me. That bein’ said, the decision to run another post was two-fold. One, whilst buildin’ my client base, I’ve adopted the ‘3 post rule’ per subject. Is it even referred to as the ‘3pr’? Again, you tell me. What I mean by that is for each subject, I’ll post 3 times to create symmetry on my Insta feed. In short, each ‘line’ has one subject (bar the 3 week period where I just posted whatever). ‘N’ two, due to the recent turn in bad weather ‘n’ my camera not bein’ weather sealed, I’ve not been able to do street shoots as much. Pizda! However, in those times, it’s good to have an archive to keep the product floodin’ the streets. Gotta keep your rep as the plug! Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Jerome – Pt.2.

Yet another respondent to my ‘tfp’ post in the ‘Manchester Modellin’ group, Sophie ‘n’ I cooked up some wavy content in a very limited window. In my honest opinion, this was one of my favourite shoots to date. ‘N’  that isn’t to detract anythin’ from the others. What I enjoyed about this was the overall ease in what we created in the time that was afforded to us. The synergy was on point, the vibe was wavy. It was effortless. But we’ll get into that. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Sophie.

It feels like I haven’t written one of these in a while. I think it was around 2 weeks ago? Don’t quote me on that. Seeing as I like to plan ahead, I usually do a few entries in one go ‘n’ then schedule to post accordingly. The beauty of WordPress hey? Since I last sat down to write one of these entries, great things have been happening bts. But the weather has been a tad erratic lately which hasn’t afforded me the ability to shoot as much as I’d like outdoors – my cam isn’t weather sealed. I checked. But, we do what we can. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Mamo -Pt.2.

Similar to Andra, Mika responded to the ‘tfp’ post I made in the ‘Manchester Modellin’ FB group. After conversin’ for a bit, the date, time ‘n’ location was agreed upon. However, I must admit, I was 15 minutes late (shame on me), due to leavin’ the house later than scheduled due to not bein’ able to locate my bloomin’ bank card. What had happened was (10 points to those who caught that reference), I got ready in time to leave to meet Andra (the first shoot), but my bank card wasn’t in the usual spot. I had already messaged Andra tellin’ her I’d be on time – that was followed by another message to apologise for my pendin’ late arrival. Whilst finishin’ up with Andra, I messaged Mika to confirm I’d be runnin’ slightly behind. That’s what I get for movin’ the bank card from it’s usual spot. Anyhow, let’s jump in. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Mika.

The main thing I learnt from this shoot? I need to invest in an external flash. Respondin’ to a post I created in the ‘Manchester Modellin’ FB group, Andra ‘n’ I conversed ‘n’ agreed upon a time ‘n’ location to meet. This was the first of a scheduled two shoots, ‘n’ it was also the first time I used the camera grip I copped two days prior so I was eager to go out in the field. But, we’ll get into all of that. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Andra. 

The edits on this collection are what I’d call a beautiful accident. Somewhat. Here’s what happened. In my journey thus far, with each edit, I’ve been creatin’ presets. That bein’ said, I’ve found presets are not a ‘one size fits all’. Maybe that’s because I’m still learnin’ the trade, or maybe that’s a true statement a professional photographer can attest to. Feel free to hit me up ‘n’ drop some knowledge on me. I’m still a padawan happy to gain wisdom. I’m already veerin’ off course so before we end up in a bush at the end of the wrong turn, let’s get the introduction out the way. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Jerome.