#OperationIdris – October – December*19

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down ‘n’ written one of these. Four months in fact – give or take a week. My excuse? I’m the king of being ‘consistently inconsistent’. Way back in January ’19, I had high hopes of attending the gym on a consistent basis every week in an attempt to achieve ‘n’ maintain a year round lean physique. For those that have followed the journey so far, you’ve seen the highs ‘n’ lows. But, ultimately I tracked my progression as best as possible. In truth, I could have done better – waaay better. But, despite the somewhat unsatisfied feeling I had by year end, there were some great moments to be proud of. By year end, according to my tracking, I hit the gym 200 days out of the 365. That’s no small feat. This month I introduce to you: #OperationIdrisOctober – December.

I’m gonna be honest, in comparison to the other #OperationIdris posts, this will be short. The purpose of this is to give a brief run down of what transpired the last quarter of the year. Also, there won’t be any tables here. If memory serves correct, I had a somewhat so-so couple of months in the gym between October ‘n’ November. In truth, I cannot even recall the split I was doin’. I don’t think I even tracked anything to be honest.

Then, December rolled round – ‘n’ I got comfortable. As I’ve said before, “comfort is the death of progression”. The first week went by, my diet slowly went out the window ‘n’ I didn’t see the gym once. The second week came ‘n’ went. Again, no gym. By the middle of the third week, I consigned myself to the fact that, with it being that close to Christmas, realistically, I wasn’t going back until the New Year. Also, the diet went – but within reason. By this point, I was on damage control – regarding the food anyhow. For the first time in some years, I had a dope Christmas. I was actually lookin’ forward to this one. I had an incredible time with loved ones ‘n’ even managed to pencil in some business for the new year.

Though I fell off the wagon by the end of the year, it cannot be denied that the ‘consistently inconsistent’ self proclaimed king still achieved a few things. For the most part, I created ‘n’ maintained a somewhat consistent routine, I equalled a pb (hittin’ 150kg on the bench-press for one rep), ‘n’ for a couple of months in the summer, my physique hit a point I was somewhat proud of. In short, I laid some great foundations for 2020.

At the point of writin’ this, I finally went to see my GP regarding my knee – yes the same knee. I’m awaitin’ an MRI appointment ‘n’ was advised that keyhole surgery is lookin’ likely. Considerin’ I should have done this from when it first happened, it’s long overdue indeed. I’m already annoyed at the fact I’m going to lose considerable trainin’ time due to the recovery period, but, I’d rather it sorted now than endurin’ considerable pain in my later years. Also, at the poin’t of writin’ this, I’ve just completed the first month of what I’ve dubbed #OperationIdris 2.0. More on that in the next update.

“Don’t limit your challenges – challenge your limits.”