Denikea – 19-10-19

In terms of a complete collection, to date, this is the closest I’ve come to bein’ happy with the complete set – ‘n’ there were about just under 50 images that I bounced out to LR! So that’s gotta count for somethin’ right? That bein’ said, though I thoroughly enjoyed shootin’ this one ‘n’ editin’, this was the shoot that made me realise I needed to now work smarter. Yes it’s good to have a dope collection, but as the work loads increasin’, I need to be more practical with my time. Is it necessary to edit nearly 50 images? Maybe, maybe not. I say it’s contextual. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Danieka

Yet another collab courtesy of the MM FB group, (I seem to start a lot of these entries with that sentence), Danieka was the first of four scheduled shoots that day. Arrivin’ slightly behind schedule (credit to her: she did give me a heads up), once she touched down, we were ready to go. 

Now, here’s what I liked about this one in particular: her drip! When we arranged the day ‘n’ time to shoot (due to personal reasons we had to reschedule a few times), she did mention the drip would be ‘Black Panther’ inspired. Intrigued, I simply told her to go for it. Whatever made her feel comfortable: do it. That’s an essential component to a dope shoot. With Marvel’s cinematic dominance, admittedly, when she mentioned the ‘Black Panther’ theme, I automatically assumed she meant somethin’ from the recent box office hit! But I was wrong.

When she arrived ‘n’ I saw the drip, it made sense. Internally I was thinkin’: “ohhh – you mean Black Panther – I was with it – It made sense. If memory serves correct, about ten mins into the shoot, I realised somethin’ was missin’. “Have you got any shades with you?”, I enquired. When she replied in the positive, I was beamin’. Shades are my favourite accessory. There’s just somethin’ about them that takes the visuals to the next level!

Even though I was happy with the images in camera ‘n’ had an idea how I wanted them to look in post, even I didn’t envisage them comin’ out this way! As I’m yet to ascertain that distinct ‘Demz Visuals’ look, if I’m keepin’ it one hunna, each collection is what I’d deem a ‘controlled’ roll of the dice. What I mean by that is, I stick within the parameters of the presets I’ve been developin’ over the last couple months. That bein’ said, I’d be lyin’ if I didn’t state here my images are yet to have a cohesive/distinct style. If I go on the Gram, a lot of the photographers I follow have that distinction down pat. You know it’s them. But I’m not disheartened. I’m enterin’ my third month in this game. Those legends are years deep. My time will come.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: Demz Visuals