Baxter – 19-10-19

You see this little guy here… he’s what you call a legend! At only 6 months old, he’s young, energetic ‘n’ an overall bundle of joy. When I started this page, I didn’t even envisage a time when I’d have pets on the page. I thought it was humans only. How specist of me! I’m glad this little fella came along ‘n’ changed all that. A product of ‘r’ Julia’s occasional dog-sittin’ duties, he came along ‘n’ stole the damn show. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Baxter.

Yet another unplanned shoot that ended up bein’ dope content, Baxter provided a nice change to the usual subjects I tend to feature on my page. If I remember correctly (which is a rarity in itself), I think I had 3 shoots on this day. Whilst I finished up the first, or was it the second? Anyhow, I had around 45 mins to kill before the final shoot of the day whilst waitin’ the homie Ju (I’ve never referred to her as Ju until now) to come through with Baxter. Quick side note, she actually drove to where I was settin’ off from ‘n’ was gonna jump in the Uber with Young Bax, but the driver said no… hater!

Seein’ as it was a relatively nice autumn day, not deterred ‘n’ optin’ to stretch hers ‘n’ Baxter’s legs, she opted to walk to where I was based – it didn’t take too long. Anyhow, once they pulled up ‘n’ I spotted that ginger coat through the wall-length window panes, I gathered up my gear (I had placed them on the side to clean the lenses whilst sippin’ on some lemonade) ‘n’ headed out to greet to mad ginge!

No here’s the thing. I like dogs. They’re some of the dopest muhfunkers on the planet. But I tend to prefer larger dogs. I won’t even pretend to list breeds etc. I’m not that well versed in these matters. I know a lil somethin’ about a lil somethin’. As of late, I’ve made mention that when the time comes to get a pet pooch, I’d probably go Retriever or Lab -but ‘r’ Bax threw a curve-ball ‘n’ made me re-consider. In truth, I had to ask Ju his breed (Cocker Spaniel to the observant). When she confirmed he was only 6 months, but he wouldn’t grow to be considerably bigger, whilst playin’ with him, I thought to myself: “I’d have a Spanners if they’re anythin’ like Bax.

He was just a happy little trooper who wanted to play. I made the ‘mistake’ of sittin’ on the concrete invitin’ him over. That was the green light he needed to get ACTIVE! He basically ‘mauled’ me! But all in good jest. Ju needs to dog-sit again asap.

Enjoy the icon.

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