Maria – 19-10-19 – Pt. 2

Simply put, this is one of my favourite collections to date. To be more precise, at the point of writin’ this entry (02.11.19), it’s in the top 2. I mean, it’s not hard considerin’ there’s only a few of them. But the fact remains nonetheless. It’s amazin’ when you acknowledge what focus, persistence, ‘n’ determination will do for an individual. By no means am I tootin’ a horn to say: “look at me! I’m wavy with the cam ‘n’ edits now.” What I am sayin’ is, in two months, from the first image I uploaded to the Insta page to this one, the levels have progressed for all to see. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Maria – Pt.2

Before we jump in, there are some who may be thinkin: “Part 2? – where’s part one?” In response, I have that for you right here. I tried to be all artsy with the title of the first upload but we stripped it right back ‘n’ kept it simple this time. No need to over-complicate matters if it isn’t essential. Anyhow. Let’s jump into this collection ‘n’ why (again, at the time of writin’), I give it the top 2 spot.

To clarify, this was an impromptu shoot. Finishin’ the Danieka ‘n’ Chanice shoot (back to back same location – but different sides of said location), I headed back to kick for a an hour before my 3rd n 4th shoots of the day (both scheduled in NQ). The 3rd was runnin’ half hour late ‘n’ as per my policy, we agreed to rearrange as not doin’ so would have not only made my 4th shoot late, but cut into my personal time as well. So, with the free time, I suggested to Maria we may as well use the car pack at the back to shoot in the interim period. What a good idea that turned out to be!

As soon as we headed out back, I spotted the piece of shrubbery that screamed: “HEY, OVER HERE… OVER HEEERE!”. Hearin’ it loud ‘n’ clear, we headed to the quiet little corner ‘n’ got to work. Takin’ less than 30 seconds to ascertain the cam settin’s we started shootin’. Thinkin back, the whole day was a success as I managed to capture some awesome autumnal tones. From the yellow ‘n’ orange hues of Danieka ‘n’ Chanice’s shoots, we caught some rich greens ‘n’ fuchsia-esque tones which complimented Maria’s skin.

But here’s the main reason this ranks in the top two collections thus far: I went a step further in post. From the actual cam settin’s used, to the composition of the shots, to the placement of the models, I’m always seekin’ to improve. Recently, I found a dope YouTube channel with who I deem one of the best teachers (in any capacity) I have ever been ‘acquainted’ with. Unmesh was sent by the Editin’ gods. Whatever your photography skill-set, I honestly believe you will learn somethin’ from this guy. He’s that d*mn good. 

Since I began my journey, I’ve been usin’ LR for all my edits. However, in the back of my mind, from the second month, I’ve been tellin’ my self: “you need to progress – you need to learn Photoshop”. But I’ve been puttin’ it off. That changed with this collection. Usin’ some of the techniques found on Unmesh’s channel, I made this set that much better than the previous. With each collection, I’m depositin’ somethin’ new in my bank of knowledge. As I’m still in the office ‘n’ not classed as a full-time photographer, the PS tekkers is certainly somethin’ I won’t be doin’ on each collection – it takes time! That bein’ said, I’m happy to create these as I can use them for marketin’ purposes. If subjects want the PS shine, it can be done… At an extra 😉

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: Demz Visuals