Chanice – 19-10-19 – Pt.3

If memory serves correct, this was one of the last shoots I did before we had a run of rain which hindered me utilisin’ my assigned time on weekends to shoot. Bit of a mouthful that sentence wasn’t it! But the fact remains. In truth, I haven’t taken advantage of the autumnal tones so far this year. With my work schedule, the earlier approach of darkness ‘n’ the bad weather, it’s difficult to shoot sometimes when you’re not a full-time photographer. But you make it work! Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Chanice

Yet another shoot courtesy of the Manchester Modellin’ FB group, Chan’s mum (‘r’ Debs) responded to what I think was my first post in the group. Side-note – at the point of writin’ this I’ve made 3 posts in there. Anyhow, Debs got in touch to state her daughter was up ‘n’ comin’ in the modellin’ ‘n’ actin’ scene so they would need some shots. Needin’ the practice, I was only too happy to oblige. However, due to the bad weather ‘n’ increasin’ schedule on my end, we didn’t actually shoot until some time after the initial chat. But we got it done!

Agreein’ to meet on location, (Hulme Park) at the designated time, we got some sweet autumnal shots which I’m in awe of. Though these were ‘technically’ uploaded in October, I’m gonna make an allowance for the feature image to be featured in November’s top 8 poll. Quick side note, goin’ forward I think I’m gonna make it 8 as it’s an easier number to accommodate ‘n’ bein’ over the course of a month, it adds an air of a finer selection as I’ll be choosin’ from a smaller sample base.

On to the shoot itself. So, on the day, I shot back to back in the same location, but different sides of the same location – ‘n’ also different edits. As it was the first time meetin’ them (I’d converse briefly with Debs here ‘n’ there), Chanice was shy which was understandable. I’m relatively reserved when I meet new people. At the point of writin’ this, we’ve just wrapped our second shoot ‘n’ she was a lot more relaxed. Though she was somewhat reserved on this shoot, I found a way to get her from a small smile to full on laughter. How you ask? Simple. I played Baby Shark!

I’m actually chucklin’ to myself as I type these words. In my journey thus far, like with most social interactions, you get the most from your subject when they are relaxed ‘n’ or in a place of relative comfort. Again, it isn’t uncommon for one to be reserved on an initial meet. The trick is figurin’ out how to get them to relax. An avid fan of music myself, I asked her what her favourite song was to loosen up a tad. Maybe she didn’t want mum knowin’ about her dope playlists to steal her sauce, or maybe she just didn’t wanna say. Either way, I jokingly said if she didn’t have a song in mind, I’ll play the song until she figured it out. Baby Shark brought out the smiles ‘n’ we got cooked up some great content.

She never did let me know her favourite song.

Enjoy the icon.

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