Jerome – 15-09-19 – Pt.3

I didn’t intend on this entry bein’ so late. If you follow the Insta page, you’ll know the routine by now. Post the trilogy (one per day) ‘n’ on the day after the final chapter has been posted, the blog post follows. < That sentence sounds a tad… messy. Ahh well – I’m too tired to change it. But you get the jist. Three pics. One per day. Day after the final pic comes the blog post. But here’s the thing. My workload has significantly increased – but that’s beautiful thing. There isn’t enough time in the day! Anyhow, we here now. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Jerome – Pt3. 

All taken on the same day, this was the third of three fits we managed to work into our time-slot for shootin’. I just scrolled up to check the date (the dates in the blog posts indicate the date we shot), ‘n’ realised we shot this nearly two months ago. At the point of writin’ this post, it’s 01.11.19. Two weeks off 2 months but still – that’s flown by!

Thinkin’ back to this shoot, I really enjoyed the energy ‘n’ the atmosphere we created. I’d say it’s one of my favourites to date. Nice ‘n’ relaxed workin’ ‘longside someone who knows how to work the lens. It makes my job ohh that much easier. If I think back to the session, there were three standout images for me. In part one, this wins hands down. To date, I still rank it as one of my best pieces. In part two, I’d have to give it to this. I love the contrast between his orange jumper ‘n’ the dark background. ‘N’ for part three, you’ve guessed it – it’s the feature image. I love the composition, the depth of field, the stare down, the posture. I effs with this pic.

So here’s the thing. Whilst in the office a couple days back, an idea came to mind. Whilst perusin’ my @demzvisuals feed, I thought: “I should do a blog post on my top images each month.” Then, realisin’ the page had two month’s worth of content, I decided to make it a top 10. But there were two images I couldn’t leave out. Decidin’ on the 12, I made a story on my main Insta tellin’ the masses I’ll be runnin’ a poll to ascertain the best image thus far. ‘Viewer’s choice’ if you will, albeit a biased viewers choice as I picked the 12 to vote from.

Next I proceeded to write 1-12 on paper, tore it into pieces ‘n’ picked at random who would face off against who. Quick fyi, I used one a4 piece of a used document due to be shredded before you accuse me of wastin’ paper. Anyhow to wrap this up as I’m wafflin’, after great engagement on the first round, I added an extra 4 as ‘honourary mentions’ to make it an even 16 to whittle it down to 1. When it’s all done, I will make a blog post revealin’ my top 12 plus honorary mentions ‘n’ the viewers choice will have it’s own blog post as well.

As to not show bias, I won’t reveal my top 12 before the poll ends. But I will say this, this feature image may or may not have been in the top *** and according to the viewer’s choice, it fell in the first round. That shocked me. That genuinely shocked me. Till next time.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: Demz Visuals