#OperationIdris – Month 9 – September*19

Oftentimes, the fall is inevitable. That much is fact ‘n’ somewhat inescapable – in my humble opinion anyhow. See when you’ve reached the zenith, dependent on the psyche of individual, it’s either a triumph or a bitter sweet victory. On one hand, you’re the apex. You’re the alpha. In short, you’re the King of kings. You’re the one others look to for advice, tutelage ‘n’ guidance. They’re inspired by your focus ‘n’ dedication. For them, ‘n’ more importantly yourself, you push through the hard times. On the other, occupyin’ the top comes at a cost. Who inspires the apex when his motivation wanes? Who inspires the alpha when his resilience runs low? Who inspires the king when duty calls? If the fictional words of Aemon Targaryen are to be believed (“love is the death of duty.”), then I present it as fact that “complacency is the death of progression.” This month I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 9. 

Usually at this point, I’d have the ‘table of progress’ here ‘n’ I’d dive head first into dissectin’ it. But before we do that, let me hit you with a lil anecdote. In last month’ post, I mentioned Sim answered my sos call (in which I trained with him over Sept/early Oct). Here’s how it came to pass.

Gettin’ the confirmation from Sim he was serious about gym ‘n’ willin’ to train ‘longside each other, I went online, signed in ‘n’ attempted to upgrade my membership to accommodate his gym – but I hit a snag. The extra £5 it should have charged to add multi gyms was somehow tryna charge me more than double my current rate. Confused, I called customer service to query the discrepancy. I know how to spend money to maximise my investment so I wasn’t tryna get bumped. After doin’ the usual data checks, the agent (kindly I may add), confirmed that due to the offer price I was currently on, if I attempt to upgrade, it would void said price. Though I go past Sim’s branch en route home, considerin’ my gym is like 10 mins from my house, I wasn’t prepared to pay more than double to sign up to his. I’m not an eeediat.

In that moment, I thought to myself: “pay the new cost to train ‘longside a certified gym head who will more than help you to rediscover your form, or buck up your ideas ‘n’ get back to your gym.” Not wantin’ to be bumped ‘just to get my motivation back’, I messaged him to confirm I wouldn’t be hittin’ up his gym. At this point, I just got to work (gym gear in tow). Admittedly, I was a tad crestfallen as I was lookin’ forward to the session. FYI, it was Monday. What do you think we were set to train? However, at 4:45pm as I was wrappin’ up at work, I looked at my phone to see an email notification. Upon openin’, I was greeted with a message confirmation I was eligible for a 2 months free upgrade. RESULT!

Let’s get into Month 9.


I already know what you’re thinkin’: “You’ve made this grandiose intro about falls, zeniths, alphas, kings ‘n’ receiving two months free to train ‘longside someone who’s ODT (Sim’s a certified driller btw), ‘n’ this is all you have to show for it? Why are there incomplete weeks? Where’s the cardio?” ‘N’ to that, I say you’re right. You’re absolutely right. Accountability, ‘longside consistency are the two main concepts that have guided ‘n’ haunted me on the #Operation thus far. I should have done more. But, as the adage goes, there’s no smoke without fire. In the words of Kevin ‘n’ Bryson: “Let me explain.”

Week 34

Receivin’ the email confirmation ‘n’ changin’ my membership to accommodate the new location, after work on Monday, I headed straight to the new spot to greet Sim (‘n’ Dee) to jump straight into the only thing you’re meant to train on a Monday: Chest. Let me explain somethin’ from the jump – this month was different for many reasons. I didn’t log the actual exercises ‘n’ rep ranges like I usually do, I kinda just played this one loose ‘n’ surrendered to their style of trainin’. Let me tell you, these two don’t play. Especially Sim as it was mainly his routines we were followin’. After the first session, ‘n’ the subsequent that followed that week, I dubbed him: ‘Superset Sim’ – which now when I think on it, to be accurate, it’s more ‘Drop set Sim’. The way this guy had us doin’ multiple reps back to back, across machines, barbells, cables ‘n’ dumbbells was incredulous. My body hasn’t felt sore like that since I jumped back in the iron house way back in Jan. As per the table, these guys adopt a bro-split method of trainin’ method which was a welcome change followin’ the previous month’s lacksture PPL.

Week 35.

Failin’ to achieve a complete first week, I hopped into this week with high expectations. Quick fyi, as I’ve now changed my office hours to Mon-Thurs to accommodate my content creation Fri-Sun, the deal was I’d train with them Mon-Thurs, solo on Fridays. That bein’ said, I had shoots scheduled which were unavoidable hence the blank Friday in the previous week. As for this week, similar to the last, again, I didn’t track anythin’. Workin’ as a 3, evocative of the days in the IH, ‘longside Sam n Ash, the trainin’ was seamless. Back to back, we got it crackin’. No messin’.

Week 36/37

Again, I didn’t achieve a complete week. Come Week 36, I knew where this was goin’ again already. But, it was for what I deem a valid reason. See when I initially started trainin’, I had more time on my hands. I was in the office 3 days a week ‘n’ to keep it one hunna, the content creation wasn’t what it should have been. Fast forward to August, I copped two new lenses ‘n’ actively started shootin’ which subsequently meant I was also writin’ again, plus incorporatin’ an extra day in the office which meant less ‘free time’. Week 36’s 2 day gym schedule was due to havin’ a deadline on client work which meant I sacrificed the gym to head straight home after work to get the written feature in for the deadline. Week 37 in all honesty was due to Sim headin’ bein’ away for the week ‘n’ I admittedly didn’t feel like it. That’s the truth of the matter.

In this time, my diet slowly went out the window. Yes, I stopped weighin’ meals a while back. If you remember that was borne out of sheer stubborness/ignorance/unwillingness to learn about macros to track them correctly – (I’m still not trackin’). That bein’ said, my Monday to Friday diet was still relatively clean. Check this post here to see what I usually eat in a week. But it was the weekend diet that started slowly gettin’ bad. Before I knew it, I was indulgin’ in pizza, fries ‘n’ nuggets on weekends. A couple of times I even found the spoon nearly scrapin’ the bottom of the Ben ‘n’ Jerrys tub in one sittin’. That plus no cardio (as the table accurately depicts) was only gonna go one way. I haven’t weighed myself on a reliable scale in a while, but I’ no fool. In comparison to what I was say, July, I’ve deffo put on some weight. Despite all this, I still view October as somewhat a success. Here’s why.

Though it’s possibly one of, if not the worst month in terms of attendance to the gym (I was too lazy to check), what I actually did in that time in the gym was dope. The sessions were streamlined, plenty of reps, ‘n’ more importantly, the change of scenery n trainin’ style was enough to get me back on track. But there’s more. Realisin’ the subtle weight gain with the addition of my creative work pickin’ up meant I knew what I had to do: I had to return to my am sessions. Considerin’ most mornin’s I naturally wake up around 7am, (I sleep in till 8am to get to work for my start time at 10), It wouldn’t have taken much to get up at 6am like the early days to do it. At the point of writin’ this, I’ve already been back in my gym for 3 am sessions pre work, ‘n’ honestly, it feels amazin. Gettin’ out the gym ‘n’ headin’ to work knowin’ I’ve already trained ‘n’ the evenin’ is mine to create content is niiice.

When I initially made the pm switch, it was to accommodate padawans in need of a master to show them the ways of the iron. But here’s the thing, I’m all for helpin’ people. However, it’s important to realise, understand ‘n’ accept that if helpin’ others is at the detriment to yourself,  you gotta look after number 1. With my creative work pickin’ up ‘longside the return of my mojo, I have to train in the mornin’. I’m even back on the cardio ‘n’ abs. I love food, ‘n’ the older I get, food is startin’ to love me back a bit too much. Thou shall not be overweight. It’s good to be back!

Month 9 pic-1.jpg

“I didn’t come this far to only come this far.”