Andra – 20-09-19 – Pt.3

Aaand we’re back! Yet another withdrawal from the archival bank of imagery, we find ourselves preein’ the final chapter in the trilogy that was Andra. If I don’t make a deposit soon, I’m gonna be enterin’ an un-arranged overdaft – ‘n’ we don’t wanna do that! Luckily, at the point of writin’ this, I shot some new content the previous week (3 clients) ‘n’ I’ve just finished one of three commissioned jobs (more on that in the blog posts to come), plus I’ve lined up quite a few shoots. Despite the bad weather ‘n’ the darkenin’ of the hours, the work continues… ‘n’ that’s a beautiful thing. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Andra – Pt.3.

To jump straight in, I really liked how these shots turned out. Since the happy accident that was Jerome, I’ve been  tryin’ to adopt ‘n’ use that preset where possible. As I’m yet to discover a distinct style that’ll make one see ‘n’ image ‘n’ say with confidence: “that’s Demz Visuals, I wanna have some synergy where possible. That bein’ said, as I’ve mentioned before, The pre-sets aren’t a ‘one size fits all’ kinda thing. But hey, I’m about to enter my 3 consistent month of shootin’. Each shoot comes with a new challenge. Each edit affords me the opportunity to try somethin’ new in the attempt to create that distinct feel. All in due time.

Considerin’ these are archived images, I’ve already improved on shot compositions ‘n’ edits since. That bein’ said, though I feel know the new images are better than these (in the aforementioned regards), I still mess with this collection. With particular attention to the feature image, I intentionally tried a ‘lighter editin’ style which I think turned out decent. Perhaps I could have brought the highlights down in the background a tad to accentuate the subject, but we learn hey? We learn.

One of the funniest moments in this shoot was the second image (see below). When I took a couple ‘n’ shown them to Andra, she exclaimed: “OH MY GOD”, my legs look so long. I love it!” She’s about 5’7/5’8 so I have no idea why she’s surprised! Anyhow, it’s Sunday. Match of the Day starts in 3 minutes. I gotta head down stairs ‘n’ make a bag of popcorn (usually salt, but I do mess with sweet&salt) ‘longside a protein shake ‘n’ watch my team (Man U) finally do somethin’ decent. Sorry Pukki.

Enjoy the icon.

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