Bola – 15-09-19

Picture the scenes. Wrappin up the Envisage shoot in Deansgate, I head to the station ‘n’ hop on a train to my sister’s for Remi ‘n’ mum’s joint birthday party. Quick fyi, mum had no idea it was joint so we got her good with the “SURPRISE!” later that evenin’. Bless her. Anyhow, a little hot under the collar, I make a quick detour to Primarmi to grab a fresh black T (£2.50), ‘n’ hopped in an Uber to my final destination. Arrivin’ earlier than most, I kicked it with my nephews whilst waitin’ for the others to turn up. By now, the family know I’ve ventured into photography. With that knowledge, when Bola rocked up, I simply asked: “you fancy some new drip for the Gram?” Respondin’ in the affirmative, we hit the backyard ‘n’ cooked up some quick content. Just like that. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Bola.

Once he agreed to the impromptu shoot, I headed to the kitchen to grab my gear. Now, here’s what’s funny. Though I copped the 35 to supplement the 50, I automatically draw for the 50. It’s second nature. When I think on it, I attribute it to the fact the 50 is my first prime lens. After doin’ copious amounts of research for what seemed an eternity, that was the lens which matched my budget. Though the upgrade is pendin’ (body ‘n’ glass), the D5 ‘n’ the 50 will always have a special place.

Anyhow, (I got sidetracked – again!), once I grabbed the 50 ‘n’ rendezvoused out back, we were ready to cook. Though a decent sized garden, there weren’t many spots that afforded us what I’d refer to as a ‘clean shot’. For example, in the seated shots in front of the kitchen, though I love the contrastin’ tones of the brickwork ‘n’ wood versus his attire, the background was busy. But hey, it was impromptu – ‘n’ more importantly, we were at a family function. I can feel the visual daggers of sister’s gaze if I would have requested a shift the items. It’s not wise to cause distress to someone preparin’ the food you’re about to eat!

Considerin’ we were only shootin’ for about 15 mins ish, I like how the majority came out. On review, when we happened across the feature image, we both agreed that was the one! In a previous post, I make mention to the fact I’ve developed a few presets of my own. With this collection, I selected one of my favourites but then decided to have fun with the settings to see what came out. ‘N’ I like em.

Enjoy the icon

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