Jerome – 15-09-19 – Pt.2

Considerin’ some of these shots were already posted in Jerome’s first blog post,  I was on the fence on whether I should do another. Is it cheatin’? Is it creatin’ content for the sake of creatin’ content? You tell me. That bein’ said, the decision to run another post was two-fold. One, whilst buildin’ my client base, I’ve adopted the ‘3 post rule’ per subject. Is it even referred to as the ‘3pr’? Again, you tell me. What I mean by that is for each subject, I’ll post 3 times to create symmetry on my Insta feed. In short, each ‘line’ has one subject (bar the 3 week period where I just posted whatever). ‘N’ two, due to the recent turn in bad weather ‘n’ my camera not bein’ weather sealed, I’ve not been able to do street shoots as much. Pizda! However, in those times, it’s good to have an archive to keep the product floodin’ the streets. Gotta keep your rep as the plug! Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Jerome – Pt.2.

Though we shot around 4 outfits in the time we had (about an hour n half), in my humble opinion, this fit was my favourite. For me, there’s somethin’ dope about vivid colours set against a darker complexion. In this case, orange. I find the contrast between  dark skin and vibrant tones a striking match made in lens. Ha. I had to slip a dad-joke in there somewhere or it wouldn’ truly be a DV blog post.

In all seriousness though, as I mentioned in Sophie’s post, I’ve come to appreciate workin’ ‘longside ‘proactive’ models. Considerin’ he’s signed to Boss Model Management, (I’m sure I mentioned that in his first post), I wasn’t surprised with the ease in which we captured content. Quick. Streamlined. Effortless. Capturin’ images, both indoor ‘n’ out, I’m happy with the end result. And there’s still another fit to feature here ‘n’ on the Insta handle. But for now, considerin’ the autumnal tones are settin’ in, enjoy.

Enjoy the icon

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