Sophie – 27-09-19

Yet another respondent to my ‘tfp’ post in the ‘Manchester Modellin’ group, Sophie ‘n’ I cooked up some wavy content in a very limited window. In my honest opinion, this was one of my favourite shoots to date. ‘N’  that isn’t to detract anythin’ from the others. What I enjoyed about this was the overall ease in what we created in the time that was afforded to us. The synergy was on point, the vibe was wavy. It was effortless. But we’ll get into that. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Sophie.

When Sophie initially hit me up, I was under the impression she lived in Manchester – a fair assertion to make considerin’ the name of the group which brought us together. But, she doesn’t. Truth be told, I cannot recall where she lives. What I do remember is once we confirmed the day ‘n’ time to link up, she mentioned she would be travelling from L****. But somethin’ irked me. Her travellin’ for the shoot wasn’t the issue. I’m due to travel down south soon for a shoot (cannot waiiit!). It was the fact the weather forecast predicted rain. With my camera not being weather sealed, (I checked online), I didn’t wanna chance it ‘n’ more importantly, I didn’t want her comin’ all this way to not shoot. It wouldn’t have been a good look. However, on speakin’ further, she confirmed she was in Manc that weekend to visit friends anyhow, so the shoot was a bonus. Result.

Here’s where it gets funny. Though the rain was threatenin’, it was kept at bay  – for the most part. Agreein’ the shoot would only go ahead if the clouds held the rain, I headed to Victoria Station to link up. But as the heavens would have it, it decided to open up and let loose in the 7 minutes it took me to arrive (on foot) to my destination. Impressed I was not! After our initial greet ‘n’ conversation under the shelter at the front, I decided to head right towards M.E.N Arena to check out some stairs near the station instead of trudgin’ to the aforementioned Deansgate Tram Station. Turns out it was a brilliant idea.

Why was this one of my favourite shoots? Sophie’s a natural. Realisation the heavens could open again at any minute, we spotted the stairwell, agreed it was a wavy backdrop ‘n’ dove right in. Though the sun was playin’ a lil hide ‘n’ seek, I think we managed to get some dope shots in. As the shutter emits an audible sound each time it’s clicked, Sophie was playin no games. At each sound, she’d hit a different pose with precision makin’ my job sooo much easier. Lendin’ some ideas herself, we managed to get the shoot wrapped in around 20 mins (ish) I’d say. In post, I decided to have fun by attemptin’ a lighter editin’ style in an attempt to complement her skin tone, whilst makin’ her eyes emit a realistic ‘pop’. Lemme know what you think.

Enjoy the icon

Insta: DemzVisuals