Mamo – 13-09-19 – Pt.2

It feels like I haven’t written one of these in a while. I think it was around 2 weeks ago? Don’t quote me on that. Seeing as I like to plan ahead, I usually do a few entries in one go ‘n’ then schedule to post accordingly. The beauty of WordPress hey? Since I last sat down to write one of these entries, great things have been happening bts. But the weather has been a tad erratic lately which hasn’t afforded me the ability to shoot as much as I’d like outdoors – my cam isn’t weather sealed. I checked. But, we do what we can. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Mamo -Pt.2.

If I remember correctly, (again, don’t quote me), I think there was around a two week gap between Mamo’s first collection ‘n’ these. In that time, I was actively shootin’ ‘n’ explorin’ new techniques to adopt in post. One of the things I quickly dropped to the bench was my use of grain in the images. Admittedly, I do like a grain effect, but I feel for the level I’m at, it’s currently doin’ more damage than good to my end product. That bein’ said, there are other techniques which have stayed the same (I shan’t divulge).

The thing I like about shootin’ with Mamo is, it’s easy. As easy as an outdoor shoot can be anyhow. When your subject is confident, knows how to pose ‘n’ can not only follow instruction well but improve upon set direction, it makes the shoot run that much smoother. Agreein’ to link up at Picc Gardens McDonalds, we headed to Australasia to capture some dope content outside. A few clicks here, a few glances there ‘n’ we made use of the lightin’ conditions that were afforded to us.

One of the main take-away factors from this shoot was trustin’ the 35. I Initially bought it to supplement the 50 when I wanted to capture more of the backdrop, but alas, the 50 is still the ‘go to lens’. It really is the nifty-fifty as they say. It’s a tad annoyin’ how due to Insta’s crop thingy (whatever it’s called), you have to sacrifice some of your image to fit the format. But hey, that’s how it is now I suppose. Insta is deffo changin’ to a ‘pay to play’ format.

Enjoy the icon.

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