Mika- 20-09-19

Similar to Andra, Mika responded to the ‘tfp’ post I made in the ‘Manchester Modellin’ FB group. After conversin’ for a bit, the date, time ‘n’ location was agreed upon. However, I must admit, I was 15 minutes late (shame on me), due to leavin’ the house later than scheduled due to not bein’ able to locate my bloomin’ bank card. What had happened was (10 points to those who caught that reference), I got ready in time to leave to meet Andra (the first shoot), but my bank card wasn’t in the usual spot. I had already messaged Andra tellin’ her I’d be on time – that was followed by another message to apologise for my pendin’ late arrival. Whilst finishin’ up with Andra, I messaged Mika to confirm I’d be runnin’ slightly behind. That’s what I get for movin’ the bank card from it’s usual spot. Anyhow, let’s jump in. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Mika.

This shoot proved to be… challengin’. The sun kept shiftin’ position which meant  a continuous changin’ of manual settin’s, shadows kept appearin’ where they weren’t required, ‘n’ to those who know, I can’t stand the heat. Bein’ in my shootin’ work clothes (black T, black tracksuit bottoms ‘n’ black n white cortez), meant I was a likkle hot still. ‘N’ I don’t like bein’ hot! But powered through we did. At one point, I even asked Mika to brave the heat ‘n’ put her jacket on to capture some cool shots. Though she graciously accepted the challenge, I didn’t keep her in the ‘oven’ for long. That would have been cruel ‘n’ unjust punishment.

To keep it one hunna, in terms of the edits, I’d be lyin’ if I say I was 100% percent happy with the total collection. Due to the sun, my growin’ experience ‘n’ presets at my disposal, they didn’t all come out in what I’d call a ‘cohesive’ collection. I had to change the editin’ choices per image. Slightly. I think I’m yet to produce a collection wherein I’m 100% happy with the whole batch. That accolade still eludes me. But I deem that a positive in some regards. It pushes me to shoot better, edit better, ‘n’ most importantly, be better.

What I love about Photographers is the fact everyone has a different stylistic choice. Though there are… ‘guidelines’ we all should adhere to learn the basics of the trade, once you reach a level of self-confidence in your work, your style isn’t less than or more than the next. We see things differently. Why do I mention this? In conversation with a friend regardin’ the edits, they provided constructive criticism in terms of how they would have edited the shots. Key words: ‘constructive criticism’. When it comes from a good place, we all need to hear it. Tryin’ their method, I found I preferred my style of edits. For this batch due to the compositions. In a future edit, I will try their way as to get better, we have to be willing to try new things. But for this collection, in the shots I liked (featured in this post). I love how the subject is highlighted amidst the dark backdrop.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals