Jerome – 15-09-19

The edits on this collection are what I’d call a beautiful accident. Somewhat. Here’s what happened. In my journey thus far, with each edit, I’ve been creatin’ presets. That bein’ said, I’ve found presets are not a ‘one size fits all’. Maybe that’s because I’m still learnin’ the trade, or maybe that’s a true statement a professional photographer can attest to. Feel free to hit me up ‘n’ drop some knowledge on me. I’m still a padawan happy to gain wisdom. I’m already veerin’ off course so before we end up in a bush at the end of the wrong turn, let’s get the introduction out the way. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Jerome.

Continuin’ the tale of this ‘beautiful accident’, I selected a pre-set in a group aptly named ‘Meh Presets Pack 2′. To give you an idea how far down the peckin’ order this preset is, I have: ‘My Presets’ – choice 1, ‘Presets 1’ – choice 2, ‘Presets 2’ – choice 3, ‘Meh Presets Pack 1’ – choice 4 ‘n’ ‘Meh Presets Pack 2’ – choice 5. Now, here’s where the ‘beautiful accident’ occurred. As per usual with each edit since I started creatin’ my own presets, I went to ‘My Presets’, tried them all, but I didn’t get that instinctive feelin’ of “this is the one”. I didn’t even think to check the others. I picked one closest to havin’ that feeling ‘n’, to keep it one hunna, began editin’ using said preset. Begrudginly. I was gonna knowingly put out product I didn’t like. There, I admitted it. However, as per usual Mon-Thurs, I was editin’ after a day in the office followed by a gym session so I was tired. I called it for the night ‘n’ went to sleep. I had two shoots the next day so I wanted to get up early to do some admin n clean my room before I set out.

Shoots complete, I returned home, sat at my workstation, opened LR, ‘n’ continued. For about half hour, I was switchin’ between images in the batch far from satisfied. That feelin’ was still missin’. Then I said to myself: “what if?”. So, in the aforementioned order in the previous paragraph, I began goin’ through each preset one by one. Nothin’. I only checked ‘MPP2′ out of courtesy. Usin’ the featured image, I found a preset that made me think: “hmm”. But I still wasn’t wowed. Pushin’ the laptop away in frustration, I accidentally lowered the exposure on the image.

I’d found it.

Without hesitation, usin’ the featured image ‘n’ the preset as a base, I made changes to match the aesthetic ‘n’ proceeded to apply it to all the images. To repeat, presets are not a ‘one-size fits all’, but I’m happy with how they turned out. I’ve always been drawn to a darker tone in images. The subject, Jerome, is someone I’ve known for a while through a mutual friend I used to work with back in the corporate era. Similar to Mamo, he’s signed to Boss Model Management. Link up again soon.

We had a dope shoot.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals