Kiran – 08-09-19 – Pt.2

Before we move like Wiley Coyote ‘n’ roll deep down route 66 in search of Road Runner, let’s address a mistake made in the previous entry. At the point of writin’, I only ‘knew’ Kiran from Insta. We’d never met in person. So when we linked up, created some content ‘n’ posted, I mistakenly addressed her as Kira. It’s Kiran. K. I. R. A. N. Kiran. Seein’ as I had a dope shoot ‘longside Kiran the first time, we conversed ‘n’ agreed on a second link up to create more content. So that’s what Kiran and I did. Why have I mentioned her name so many times in one paragraph? It’s to remind myself to do my due diligence ‘n’ not get sh*t wrong. ‘N’ I call myself a student of the game! Clearly wasn’t paying’ attention in class. Anyhow, today, I introduce to you: DemzVisuals: Kiran Part 2.

Now, since our initial link up, (one of my first shoots), I’ve been puttin’ in work. I’ve made it my mission to ensure I’m always shootin’. The more I shoot, the better I get. Simple. Also, if you go back ‘n’ read Kiran’s first entry, I made the assertion that her images were some of my favourites to date – at that point. At the point of writin’ this, the featured image for this post is in short, in my opinion, some of my best work to date. ‘N’ I mean that. There seems to be a synonymous link between her ‘n’ some of my best work. My camera picks her up well.

Linkin’ up on location at the agreed upon time, (I was actually early to ascertain light ‘n’  buildin’ settin’s), by the time she arrived, we hit the ground runnin’. As the conditions were similar to our initial shoot, It took me less than a minute to find the right ISO, shutter speed ‘n’ aperture ‘n’ we were good to go. Recently coppin’ the 35, I started with that lens. Smooth images. Once we started gettin’ into it, I changed between both the 35 ‘n’ the 50 to get different scopes. Both lenses worked well.

Now, let’s discuss one of my favourite edits to date – the featured image.

Once we got through some initial shots, I realised this black ‘wall’ feature to my left. At the point of this shoot, I had been active on Insta looking’ at other photographer pages for inspo in terms of settin’s ‘n’ shot compositions. As soon as I noticed the wall, I knew the shot I wanted. After I explained it to her, she hit the pose (‘n’ added her own variations) which made the image even better. Dope collaboration. However, that was only part one.

Shoot wrapped, in LR, I proceeded to select Kiran’s preset from the initial shoot ‘n’ applied it to the featured image. Though it looked nice, it didn’t ‘move me’. At the point of editing’ her collection, I had already added Dom’s preset to the ‘My Presets’ list. It was a dope edit on his picture. When I added it to Kiran’s. Game changer. It was a wrap. The image came to life how I envisioned. But it wasn’t quite complete. I made some tweaks to the wall ‘n’ the surroundin’s to create a ‘Cool Dark-Vintage’ tone. I think it’s a dope piece of art if I say so myself.

Which, I just did.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals