Mamo – 05-09-19

At the point of this shoot, It was the most fun I’d had. It was relaxed; it was jovial; and the energies were aligned. Yet another Creative I’ve had the pleasure of meetin’ through DA YIC, Mamo’s a cool kid. He’s one of the youngers with their head screwed. Currently studyin’ at uni, he’s also signed to Boss Model management. When I was his age, I’d recently dropped out of uni (my first attempt), ‘n’ came back to the bits on my bullsh*t with my boys instead of tryin’ to make positive moves. I feel a sense of pride when I see the youngers opt for positivity ‘n’ not allow themselves to become ‘stuck in the mud’ – word to Isaiah Rashad. So, it’s with pleasure I can say: today I present to you DemzVisuals: Mamo.

On the day of the shoot, the weather was threatenin’. If I remember correctly, (which I wouldn’t vouch on seein’ as my short term memory is woefully abysmal), we agreed to meet on location for like 2 or 3. However, the weather app was showin’ a mid-high percentage chance of rain. That in mind, Mamo called to ask if we should reschedule to which I said no, it will be okay. We’ll get the job done. Arrivin’ ahead of schedule (I like arrivin’ slightly early to test out the lightin’ etc), true to app, the rain did start, but it was only for like 15 mins whilst waitin’. Once he arrived, we were good to go.

I believe he was one of the first people I used the 35 on. We started just outside the train station (Piccadilly) wherein we used the surroundin’ wall (there’s a black ‘n’ white one), some stairs (I’m holdin’ on to those as I haven’t got the right edit for them yet), a cabin where we got some dope shots, ‘n’ the car park where we curated the featured image of this post. From there, we headed to a car park situated between the station ‘n’ NQ where we captured the head shots ‘n’ ‘blue sky’ images.

Now I’m gonna keep it one hunna, I did experience some degree of difficulty when editin’ this collection. Between the sheer number of images captured (in the ‘just over an hour slot we shot in we captured at least 150), ‘n’ the shiftin’ sun meanin’ I had to keep changin’ the camera settin’s, I was nearly at my wits end! As well as gettin’ better with different styles of shoots, models ‘n’ locations, I’m also gettin’ better with not just the edits per collection, but the duration of the edits as well. This collection took more time than I would like to admit due to those factors. But, in this journey, I view each difficulty as a learnin’ experience. It’s somethin’ I know for the next time. There are editin’ styles I’ve used on this collection which I’ve already ‘benched’ due to the growin’ confidence ‘n’ willingness to try new things. At the point of writin’ this post, there’s a collection goin’ live some time after in which the editin’ style was a mixture of intuition ‘n’ sheer luck. But that’s for another day.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals