#OperationIdris – Month 8 – August*19

Quick disclaimer. Since my last entry, quite a bit has changed. As per the addition of the ‘DemzVisuals’ tab ‘n’ the blog posts pertainin’ to said tab, the blog has grown. When I initially set it up seperate from IBTC, (I feel I’ve written this somewhere already), the idea was to put personal posts to myself away from the business. This was to serve as my: “I’ll post what I want page”. That bein’ said, one must show lee-way for expansion. When it was just my personal content, I didn’t mind the ‘bare’ upper body shots bein’ the featured image. However, due to an expansion ‘n’ diversity in content type, my featured images shall be: ‘pg’. It may not look good havin’ innocent subject posts next to a ‘half-in the buff’ man. You’ll have to actually open the post ‘n’ read it now to see that. Not much to see this month really. I had a mini relapse ‘n’ indulged in some ice cream ‘n’ pizzas as of late. But, to paraphrase the immortal words of the mythic Alfred Pennyworth (I feel like I’ve written this already also): “we fall so we learn to pick ourselves up”.  This month I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 8. 

I wanna say this from the jump: don’t let pride stand in the way of progression. ‘N’ I mean that with the utmost sincerity. In the spirit of keepin’ it one hunna, in the last couple months, my workouts have admittedly been satisfactory at best. Bar the 1RM on 150kg, it’s been very pedestrian in terms of progress, motivation ‘n’ overall mindset towards trainin’. But I’ve always believed in the “slow progress is better than no progress ethos”. Or in this instance, “a sh*t session is better than no session”. Keepin’ the same structure as last month when I switched back to the PPL split, I won’t waste time breakin’ down the table here. It’s the same principle. Also, seein’ as there’s a lot of blank spaces in the table above, we won’t be here long. It doesn’t bode well to dwell on negativity. It eats you from the inside. Acknowledge it. Accept it. Advance from it.

IMG_8897 (1)

Now, as you can see, I didn’t achieve a ‘perfect week’ in August, i.e a full 6 day split. The last time I did that was in Week 28. the main phrase that plagued my psyche this month was: “lack of motivation”. I wouldn’t even put it down to negativity. I have no reason to be negative atm. Me ‘n’ my close ones have health ‘n’ strength, a few things I’ve been workin’ on behind the scenes are comin’ together, ‘n’ I’ve gotten back into photography which has already opened more doors. So that’s not it. The whole month was auto-pilot.

Though I didn’t achieve the ‘perfect week’ as evidenced above, I know what you’re lookin’ at. So, let’s discuss.

Week 31. Tragic. But – here’s the real. The Gym sent an email the previous week statin’ they’ll be closed Monday ‘n’ Tuesday due to re-furbs. In truth, for those without access to multiple gyms, codes were amended to allow access to another branch close by on those days. But, due to low motivation, I simply told myself: “I cba”, instead optin’ to head home ‘n’ use that time to edit pictures. So I was still productive in some capacity. On the Wednesday, I returned to the gym as usual. Sh*te session, but I returned. Then came Thursday. The night before I made a chilil, ‘n’ in my haste to eat, I didn’t cook it long enough. At work that day, my stomach was doin’ bits, but I didn’t think anythin’ of. I’m not gonna get into details, but in essence, I gave my self food poisoning. So Thursday, I headed straight home ‘n’ that’s when the fun really began. Friday I was still on the ‘doctors table’ – Saturday, at a push I could have trained with the reserves – but I wasn’t chancin’ it. I decide to take the weekend off ‘n’ return the followin’ week.

Missin’ the whole week bar Wednesday, I was determined to hit the ground runnin’ Monday. Though I managed a 4 day week, (still the 6 day week eluded me), again, the motivation was runnin’ on E. I couldn’t get into the mindset whatsoever. Maybe subconsciously it was due to the photography pickin’ up ‘n’ wantin’ to head home to edit. At this point I began doin’ mini blog posts on the shoots I’d done so far. Check out DemzVisuals. Self-plug – why not. But, it was more than that.

Then came Week 33.

I didn’t even attempt to do Back on the Tuesday. Instead doin’ a half-a*sed Bicep session coupled with Abs. No Cardio. Again, I cannot even recall why I didn’t train. I had a couple shoots on the Bank Holiday Monday ‘n’ opted for a relatively chilled day so I knew I wasn’t gonna train. By Wednesday, I knew I reached the end. As usual, I started with Legs. Startin’ with single-leg Leg Press, I combined with Abs n Leg Press Calf Raises. Not even attemptin’ to descend the stairs to do Leg Extensions ‘n’ Leg Curls, I headed straight to the Bench to do Close Grip Press (for Triceps). 60kg on, I laid back, lifted the bar, did an easy 12 reps. Put the bar back. Second set – same. As I sat down , about to recline to lift the bar, I simply said to myself mentally: “F*ck this, I’m goin home”. I posted a shout for help on my Insta:

D2FE96F8-135C-4083-AABC-EA89938A1757By Wednesday, I knew I reached the end. Due to movin’ aroun’, I’ve never really had a constant gym partner. The most consistent partners I had as I already mentioned were Sam ‘n’ Ash back in the uni days. ‘N’ I’ll say it again, I’ve always been an advocate of “slow progress is better than no progress”. But as I said from the jump, “don’t let pride stand in the way of progression”. By Wednesday, I realised I reached the edge of my mental limit. I’d pushed myself as far as I can go solo. I’ve  tweaked my program, I’ve dieted, I’ve adopted a generally healthier lifestyle, but I’ve lost the spark. I need to train alongside someone that’s gonna push me now. And I’ve found him. At the point of this post goin’ live, I’ve been trainin’ longside young Sim since Monday to get a feel of his trainin’ style. I’ve got a free 2 month upgrade on my membership so I’m in his backyard right now. ‘N’ let me tell you: this kid’s no joke in the gym. ‘Super-set Sim’. That’s what’s what I’m callin’ him. The way this guy train’s, plus the fact I took last week off, my body is feelin’ some neeew levels of soreness – but I love that! I’m at the point where I can no longer do my routine. I need to be stimulated by doin somethin’ new. Until next month.

IMG_8917 (1)

I’m out.

“Don’t let pride stand in the way of progression.”