Taryle ‘n’ Keenan – 03-09-19

Tuesday 03rd September was an incredibly productive day. I said it before ‘n’ I’ll say it again – what started as an initial meetin’ with Joe to catch up ‘n’ test out the 35 turned into a creative accident. By the time I was headin’ home, I captured enough images to curate around a solid week of content – both as Insta posts ‘n’ blog entries. Though a man of routine, expect the unexpected. ‘N’ when the unexpected should meander its way into your tried ‘n’ tested trodden paths, be ready to go off course. Because of course, these are the moments in which we thrive. Today I present to you: DemzVisuals: Taryle ‘n’ Keenan.

You’re probably wonderin’: “bar your nephews, your DemzVisuals blog entries thus far has featured solitary subjects. Why double up now?” The answer:


This image.

Lifted from Keenan’s Insta, in my opinion, this is a dope piece of art. From, subjects, to attire, to posture, to location, to shot composition, I repeat, this is a dope piece of art. There’s somethin’ effortless in its simplicity. There’s somethin’ humble in its confidence. To me, there’s somethin’ overstated in its understated nature. This is the image that made me seek to turn a chance encounter into somethin’ tangible. Credit to the photographer (whomever they may be). Shout me if you read this. You more than deserve the credit. Dope work!

Now you’re also probably wonderin’: “why are you waxin’ so poetic on someone elses work?” The answer to that is simple: I appreciate great examples of brilliant work. I briefly touched on the notion of a relationship between lens, subject ‘n’ audience in Shedy’s entry. It is a dialogue after-all. But to expand on that, the photographer also plays an active part in that conversation. From shoot to edits, a confident photographer creates art ‘n’ I love that. Each voice is different – each voice adds to the cacophony of sounds.

Regardin’ the images I captured, whilst Joe was shootin’ on the Pentax, I in turn snapped on my 35. That explains why they’re not lookin’ at the camera in some of the shots. Different angles, different results I say. Don’t be scared to try somethin’ new. Quick FYI, I’d met Taryle briefly at some mini house night I went post Manchester Carnival last year ‘longside Liam. We went there to shoot ‘n’ capture content, which we did. I got a tad waaaved midway through the night, so Liam, always on job caught the rest of the night.

Anyhow, bein’ a model ‘n’ considerin’ the fact I’ve picked up my gear once again, time will tell if schedule permits all parties involved to make a scheduled meet to link up ‘n’ create some art. Because truthfully, I wanna try my rendition at that duo image.

Enjoy the icons.

Insta: DemzVisuals