Ethan – 03-09-19

No trilogy is complete without the third act. As I typed that sentence, I realised the utter waffle behind that statement. Without a third act, there is no trilogy – you’ve merely got yourself a sequel. ‘N’ if that was the case, we wouldn’t be able to complete the ‘Scenes from an Unexpected Trilogy’. Go figure. Now, here’s the real. Of the trio, Ethan was the one I conversed with least. This wasn’t due to any ill will or malice. No negative connotation should be taken from that fact. It’s just that in the near two hours we spent with ‘the trio’, we were mainly focused on traversin NQ ‘n’ China Town. But in that time, I did manage to get a few snaps of da kid. Today I introduce to you: DemzVisuals: Ethan.

Due to minimal conversation, this shall be a shorter post than usual. The spot in which Ethan’s sittin’ is opposite a dope wooden ‘wall’ feature I shot with Joe a couple weeks prior. ‘N’ again, I kinda tagged in after the fact when he shot on his Pentax. We make a great team! Don’t tell him I said that. Anyhow, back to Ethan. I’ve kinda got a thing for workin’ out angles atm – especially when it comes to shootin’ up at the subject. You’ll see more of this in my work in the comin’ week. I’ve been cookin’ up some dope content.

Now, this was a tricky trio of images for me to capture in truth. With the sun playin’ hide ‘n’ week ‘n’ the fact I’ve fully taken the trainin’ wheels off when shootin’ (I’ve actually been shootin’ in manual since I copped the 50),  I couldn’t quite gauge the correct exposure. The sun was low, so I opened up the aperture to let in more light whilst maintainin’ a decent shutter speed. The sun re-appeared, I had to do the opposite as not to over-expose. In the end, even in post, his kicks are probably the whitest they’ll ever be.

Guess the kicks?

Enjoy the icon.

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