Shedy – 03-09-19

Here he is – Mr Olympus himself. So glad he decided to descend from his godly vantage to mingle with us mere mortals ‘n’ create some dope content. I’m truly honoured. Jokes aside, this is part deux of the ‘Scenes from an Unexpected Trilogy’. An avid shooter himself, in a conversation post shootin’, he confided that he is on the cusp of a photography ‘n’ design degree at uni, ‘n’ he also dabbles in architectural photography. He sees a career in this. ‘N’ why not hey? Follow your heart I say. Many of us have failed in our attempt to make the subconscious a reality due to reasons rangin’ from fear, lack of motivation, or dedication. Follow your heart young man. Today I introduce to you: DemzVisuals: Shedy.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was Joe that broke the ice that got us conversin’ with the trio – ‘n’ i’m glad he did. Not from a content’s sake, but from the standpoint of makin’ real connections with real people. What’s funny though, to me anyhow, (Joe probably thought I was bein’ annoyin), was each time he finished shootin’ his subject on the Pentax, I would hop to ‘n’ be like: “well I may as well get a shot myself!” You know the adage: sharin’s carin’. That’s some real ish.

Now, again, I’m still learnin’. ‘N’ again, each time I shoot, I learn somethin’ new. When I initially linked up with Joe on the day, the aim was to shoot exclusively on the 35mm – which I did. The problem I found in post was the shots of Shedy on the stairs, I couldn’t use the majority of them due to the distance from lens to subject. I placed myself too far which meant the images didn’t have the required effect. I’ve seen dope images where the individual is effectively not the subject – it’s the background / surroundin’s that demands the viewers attention. But this wasn’t the case for me. It was a nice archway, but again, due to inexperience, I couldn’t quite pull it off. Better luck next time!

That bein’ said, with sincerity, the featured image is arguably one of my favourites I’ve captured so far. Similar to Hayden’s image, I think what I like is the proximity between lens ‘n’ subject. It’s somewhat borderline invasive, but at the same time invitin’ due to the subject’s relaxed poise. Through the lens, we see the subject up close. Considering.  Surveying. Contemplating. But it isn’t a monologue. This is very much a dialogue wherein the lens is both receiver ‘n’ transmitter of information. To me, this shot is an exchange of observance. Indeed, we see the subject. But maybe, just maybe through the lens, they see us too.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals