Dom Braund – 03-09-19

One of the things I truly love about content creation is the spontaneity. You pack your gear ‘n’ leave your house with a pre-destined motive in mind, but along the way, you may deviate from the path. But there’s beauty in deviation. I’m a man who likes a plan. I’m a man of routine. I’m the guy that makes a plan, to make a plan. Monica Gellar/Bing anyone? That bein’ said, I have allowed myself to recognise opportunity in deviation. Yes it’s good to have a set structure, but when life throws somethin’ out the ordinary, have an open mind ‘n’ go with the flow. It could lead to some brilliant connections – ‘n’ dope content! It’s this open mind which has allowed me to curate the next three posts which I have dubbed: ‘Scenes from an Unexpected Trilogy’. But let’s take it step at a time. Today I introduce to you: DemzVisuals: Dom Braund.

Confirmin’ the 2:30pm meet in NQ, I packed my gear (I checked the bag this time) ‘n’ headed to town to meet up with Joe. Whilst sat outside our usual spot awaitin’ his arrival, I was greeted by an energetic shoulder grab to my south west. I had my music playin’ ‘n’ shrugged it off as calm as can be. He didn’t know it’ll take more than that to get a jump-scare outta me. Once inside ‘n’ settled, Joe procured an old Pentax from a visibly ‘dated’ case. I loved the aesthetic. It added to its history. Originally belongin’ to his dad, Joe shared how he, how can I put this, procured it for himself one day. Ha. In truth, he was merely carryin’ on the tradition. The lens has now found itself in the capable hands of another proficient shooter. Win win.

Startin’ in NQ, we hit the street ‘n’ started shootin’. Joe on film, me on the new 35mm lens I recently copped. As we started walkin’ towards Arndale, we initially walked past three guys huddled together with lenses of their own. I spotted my Nikon, an Olympus ‘n’ a Canon. Don’t ask me for the models as I’m not yet well versed in these matters. Doublin’ back, Joe asked Dom, if he could shoot him, to which he amicably replied. Whilst they were workin’ I started talkin’ to the other guys to ascertain familiarity. Similar to me ‘n’ Joe, they decided to link up ‘n’ create some dope content.

As he finished shootin’ Dom, I asked if he would mind if I shot him to which he replied in the positive. What I liked most about this series is the editin’ style I opted for. Deviatin’ from my usual ‘darker’ style, I took a chance to make these more vivid to complement his jacket. That’s what sold it for me. It’s evocative of vintage pop. A fact I opted to accentuate by addin’ more grain to give it that rustic yet vibrant ‘bang’. By simply bein’ approachable ‘n’ deviatin’ from my usual ‘preset’, I was able to make some brilliant connections ‘n’ make dope content.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals