Rem ‘n’ Fem – 31-08-19

I‘ll be the first to say it. Historically, I’ve kinda been the self-titled ‘lone-wolf’ of the family. I won’t bore you or incriminate myself with the details, but it is what it is. Keepin’ it one hunna, for me, the notion of ‘family’ is somethin’ I’ve kinda always taken for granted. Which is strange considerin’ the affinity I have with some of history’s and pop culture’s greatest heroes/anti heroes. Despite their hamartia, they had one thing in common: family. To take for granted an institution which some are not privileged to have is kinda bad. Maybe it’s due to my ‘advancin’ age (I’m still relatively young), my sense of some day perhaps wantin’ my own, or seein’ my youngers growin’ into their own, the ‘lone-wolf’ has realised his own hamartia. To quote the legend George R. R. Martin: “when the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.” Today I introduce to you: Demz Visuals: Rem ‘n’ Fem.

Off the bat, lemme state this from the jump, my nephews are two of my favourite humans. The older I get, the more I recede into the shadows. Yes, I still enjoy socialising, but nothin’ beats my own company. The point I’m tryna make is, to those that know me, they understand there may be days, weeks, months even before I respond or they see me. Rude? Perhaps. But it isn’t done out of malice – it’s just who I am. So when I hit up my sister midweek (last week) ‘n’ asked her plans for the Saturday (31.08.88 – my birthday), at first she thought I meant if she planned somethin’ for me. I didn’t – kinda. A few days prior I asked her to make my favourite dishes of hers (lasagne ‘n’ fried chicken – the latter – cliche I know). Why? I told her I was headin’ up to hers to spend the day with the family. Somethin’ I haven’t done in years as I usually do my own thing ‘n’ they leave me to it. So when Saturday rolled roun’ ‘n’ I got to hers as promised (mum headed up a few hours later), they were genuinely surprised.

I couldn’t have asked for a more mellow day. Juust what I wanted. I’m 31 now btw. As much as I can be the life ‘n’ soul of a room, I’m an old soul at heart. On arrival, Femi (the ‘baby’), ran out in his pyjamas to wish me an excitable “happy birthday” followed by Remi’s more sombre rendition. Fem proceeded to ask me if I was ‘sleepin’ over’ to which I replied in the negative. I was greeted by a sullen: “you never sleep over”. I’ll remedy that. On enterin’ the kitchen, my sister was preparin’ the chicken to fry. RESULT.

Whilst waitin’ for mum to arrive, ‘longside, my nephews ‘n’ my brother, we played classic Monopoly. Remi pulled off a stunnin’ upset, first bankruptin’ Hayden, then I conceded thus grantin’ him the throne. Femi got bored ‘n’ ran off somewhere in between. Anyhow, mum finally arrived, Remi said grace, ‘n’ we tucked into some rice ‘n’ peas, fried chicken ‘n’ salad. My brother-in-law’s birthday is 2 days before mine so it was as much his day as mine. It was chilled. I was at peace. After dinner, we tidied ‘n’ the boys proceeded to play in the garden – the perfect opportunity to get the images attributed to this post. After we had some sticky toffee puddin’, I had mine with custard, we watched Fast ‘n’ Furious 8, then I headed back. It’s the little things that matter.

Enjoy the icons.

Insta: DemzVisuals