Remi – 25-08-19

Bein’ the second shoot of the day, this one was also relaxed for a few reasons. One, havin’ met him last year thru Liam, Remi’s become a familiar face. Hittin’ networkin’ events together in Manchester, Liverpool ‘n’ London, he’s no stranger. So the slight trepidation experienced on Kiran’s shoot was non-existent. Two, this familiarity meant I knew how to shoot him. On cue, he’d hit his own poses / alter as instructed. Three, the light was still on our side. Shootin’ on a mid level Nikon,  I’m startin’ to understand the strengths ‘n’ weaknesses of its capabilities. The better the natural night, the more wiggle-room I have in post. Today I introduce to you Demz Visuals: Remi.

As Hayden’s shoot was the first of the day, by the time we’d finished, I still had  ‘n’ hour to kill so I got more practice in by shootin’ Maria. At the point of readin’ this, they will be up on DemzVisuals later today. Just to show you how woeful my geography is, (I mentioned this in Andronic), we agreed to meet up at St. Peter’s Square for 7pm. The sunlight was still pushin’ through so all was good. I get to St. Peter’s Square ‘n’ sat down. Whilst waitin’ somethin’ told me this wasn’t St. Peters, so I walked roun’ to where I thought it was ‘n’ chilled for a good 10 mins before realisin’ I was at Albert’s Square. You wouldn’t even think I was from Manchester it’s that bad.

So boom, Remi come through on slight BMT – google that or ask one of your friends if you don’t get that initialism. But all was good considerin’ the content we got. Though I love the 50mm (a vast improvement to the 18-55mm kit lens that came with the camera), it was on this shoot I realised its limitations. For upper body / portrait shots, it’s unreal. Truly. However when attemptin’ to get some full body shots (Remi was rockin’ a wavy tracksuit courtesy of biblicalthreads), that’s when it hit me. I had to keep movin’ further back to capture full frame shots, whereas when I captured images on his 35mm (he shoots Canon), I could get closer without losin’ anythin’ in the image.

There’s a  big weight difference between our gear as well. When I switched from mine to his, it was noticeable. In time when I upgrade my equipment, I will have to contend with that. But for now, I love the lightweight feel. I’m formin’ a synergy with my gear atm. His felt alien in my hand. It wasn’t my own. That bein’ said, I did get some dope shots on his camera. Check out his Insta. My shots. His edits. Great collaboration.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals