Hayden – 25-08-19

Here he is – the big man himself. Or as the birth cerfiticate states (that’s an intentional mis-spell – word to Uncle Marley), Hayden. I remember when we first brought him home he was no bigger than a Bowtruckle. Fast forward 16 years ‘n’ he’s swallowed 10 galleons worth of skelegrow, grown some whiskers ‘n’ possesses bass in his voice that’s not dissimilar to mine. Not bad for the ‘baby’ of mum’s trio. When he hit me up ‘n’ told me he wanted to shoot, I simply said: “yeah, let’s do it” – it was mutually beneficial. I needed practice, ‘n’ I’m sure he’s lookin’ fresh pics to secure the bag. The youngers think they got the game patterned when us man invented the game, the rules, ‘n’ the cheat code. Today I introduce to you Demz Visuals: Hayden.

Hayden’s shoot was the first of a scheduled two, which actually turned into three before the sun was set. He had a dope spot in mind which had some kind of mural/graffiti but we couldn’t access it due to site works. Meh. But, not one to be dissuaded, I remembered a spot near G-Mex Arena with a cool staircase so we headed over. With it bein’ lil bro, I was relaxed on this one. I set some music to play through my phone, set up my gear, ‘n’ proceeded to shoot.

Now we tried a few different poses on these stairs. Some seated, some nonchalant “I’m on my phone ‘n’ totally oblivious to the fact there’s a camera present”, ‘n’ as per the featured image, some standin’. This pose was actually his idea ‘n’ I like the composition. Again, as I’m learnin’, I wanted to get him as central as possible. What I love about the edit on the featured image is the detail on the stairs. I opted to drop the exposure a tad, ‘n’ upped the clarity ‘n’ sharpness (amongst other tricks), to bring out the detail in the stairs. The result made them had marble-esque quality to them which I really liked.

Once seated, I tried different angles. Straight on, from below and from above. They were ‘nice’, but I didn’t ‘like’ them. I dunno if nice is the right verb choice here, but in the short time I’ve been shootin’, I’ve developed an inner voice that tells me when I have the shot. My favourite of the day is the second image in the collection below. I can’t quite express it into words, but there’s somethin’ about the look on his face that reminds me of that moment 16 years ago when I first saw him. I may not say it or even express it as often as I should, but that’s my little bowtruckle right there.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals