Kiran – 25-08-19

I‘ll come right out ‘n’ say it from the jump, this is my favourite collection so far. ‘N’ it was the most nerve-racking as well. Up until this point, my shoots consisted of those close who were willin’ to be my guinea-pigs. ‘N’ to them, I’m truly grateful. After a few ‘personal’ shoots, I decided to test myself – I had to put myself ‘out-there’. So I did. I put up a story on my personal Insta askin’ who would be interested in a shoot, ‘n’ I got a hit back. What’s interestin’ is through workin’ with Liam ‘n’ a few collabs with JD Sports, myself ‘n’ Kiran have been followin’ each other for  a while but never met in person. A fellow creative herself producin’ dope content, the energies were aligned. We arranged a date ‘n’ time, met up ‘n’ captured what I consider some of my best work to date. Today I introduce to you Demz Visuals: Kiranalix.

In conversation before we linked up, she briefly mentioned her look ‘n’ decided upon the location for the shoot – so that was covered. Now I’m a man that dislikes heat – honestly. So when I checked the weather app ‘n’ it told me it was gonna be 31 degrees (we linked up on BH Sunday), I was not impressed. By the heat that is. Nothin’ on the job. Also, the fact I was head to toe in black (black hat, black T, black boxers, black tracksuit bottoms, black sox n black ‘n’ white Cortez didn’t help either). Heat makes me drowsy ‘n’ mardy. But one must remain professional.

Agreein’ to meet at 2pm, I got to the location (Jamie’s Italian on King Street) around 1:45pm. I did this for a two reasons. One, first impressions matter – it doesn’t bode well to turn up late. Two, the more important, I’m still but a padawan in this war of images. The stars haven’t quite aligned for me yet ‘n’ the force isn’t quite right. I got there early to take some test shots to ascertain which shutter speed, ISO and aperture settin’s would work best in the natural light. The sun was beamin! Though I made it clear I was by no means a ‘professional’, I still didn’t wanna spend unnecessary time ‘guagin’ which settin’s worked best for her.

But the shoot was nearly pushed back.

As I jumped out the Uber, delved into my back-pack, dug out my gear, connected the 50mm to the body, flipped the switch to on, tweaked a few settin’s based on what I thought best and pressed the button to capture the first test image, I didn’t hear the shutter sound. Bemused, I looked at the screen ‘n’ was greeted by a warnin’ message: “please insert memory card”. My eyes popped. I’d left the memory card in my laptop whilst editin’. I panicked. But, this only lasted around 5 seconds until cooler heads prevailed in the heat of despair. I had my spare in the bag also. I dug it out, inserted it, ‘n’ we were back on. Moral of the story: “ALWAYS CHECK YOUR BAG BEFORE YOU LEAVE FOR A SHOOT”. Crisis averted.

By the time I finished ‘casin’ the spot, Kiran called ‘n’ we proceeded to shoot. Each time I shoot, I’m learnin’. Whether it’s due to my inexperience ‘n’ or my gear works better on certain skin tones, I’ve come to realise that the lighter the skin, the better the camera picks it up ‘n’ the better the edits. Bein’ a fellow creative herself, she already had a vision for certain shots etc, but it was definitely a collaborative effort which resulted in the dope images you’re now seein’. My main take-aways for this shoot were three things:

One: Take your time. Maybe it was due to the heat ‘n’ or not wantin’ to seem an amateur, but there were some dope shots I couldn’t use simply because of this reason. They were either blurred, or somethin’ was just in or out the frame ‘weakin’ the image. Focus the image, breathe, take your time, n shoot.

Two: Don’t be afraid to direct your subject. This one is really important. From professional model to a best friend bein’ your test subject, your input is important. It’s a relationship between photographer, subject ‘n settin’. Though it does help immensely when your subjects ‘know how to work a lens’, don’t stay quiet. A simple: “hold that” or “tilt your head to the right” may be the difference between ‘n’ average shot n somethin’ you’re truly proud of.

Three: Use your background/settin’ to your advantage. You’ll see these more so in the pendin’ posts but again, this is the difference between average ‘n’ dope. Personally, I can see the progression from each shoot ‘n’ each collection’ of edits – ‘n’ that’s how it should be. Yes there are rules, but I see them as mere guidelines. I’m still findin’ my photograhpic voice.

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals