JS Visuals – 13-08-19

This was my second shoot since I copped the 50mm. Why do I state this? As mentioned in Castlefield Rowan, in the short time that I’ve been shootin’, my shots and edits have improved – so this is one of my earlier creations. I’m really enjoyin’ this foray into photography. There’s somethin’ fulfillin’ about shootin’ subjects – animate or otherwise. The subject in question here, Joe, is a dope creative in his own right shootin’ both images ‘n’ video. But we’ll get in to that in to that. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: JS Visuals.

I met Joe by chance last year after shootin’ some content for Gramm with Liam in the now defunct ‘bando’. We had some amazin’ shoots in that location – r.i.p. ‘N’ that’s one of the things I love about thrustin’ yourself into somethin’ new. You meet new people, form new relationships which ultimately turns into new opportunities. Excitin’ stuff. So yeah, after we left the premises, we saw Joe ‘n’ a couple other creatives (another photographer n videographer I believe) shootin’ some models atop the entrance to the buildin’. There was this kind of balcony above the entrance. If you wanna call it that. They say we had cameras, we saw they had cameras, n we exchanged details. This was about June/July I wanna say.

Now as with most things, it’s good to keep the relationship organic. It works best when not forced. Though we hadn’t met up, we’d keep in touch. Come around September, whilst sourcin’ business for my company IBTC, I began a dialogue with the director of Abel & Cain clothin’ (a dope brand). After an initial email wherein I offered my services (writin’), I knew I needed visual content as well. I got in touch with Joe, told him the plan, ‘n’ alongside a creative team, we produced a written feature, images, a promo video accompanied by an original verse to tie in with the brand. Stellar team effort.

Backstory aside, I got in touch with Joe a couple days after I copped the 50mm statin’ the need for subjects to shoot to test it out ‘n’ get into the habit of shootin’. We confirmed a date ‘n’ time ‘n’ met up. As per the title of the post, we kept it in ‘n’ around Northern Quarter. I think it’s a dope area to shoot in. In the time, I left Manchester ‘n’ returned, it’s changed a lot. There’s more vibrance – there’s more energy – there’s more life. After the prelim coffee n chat at one of two usual spots, we hit the streets.

Here’s what’s funny, the original plan was for me to shoot him. But, his or her equipment is never more than a couple metres away from a true creative. Possessin’ a proclivity for video as well, he decided to shoot me walkin’ the streets takin’ pictures etc – a promo video if you will. I didn’t ask him to, but there was a genuine appreciation for the effort on his part. ‘N’ therein lies the beauty of organic relationships. Keep it respectful both in regards to the friendship ‘n’ the business aspect, keep the energy positive, but more importantly, for me anyhow, it has to be mutually beneficial. If all parties involved bring somethin’ beneficial to the table, then surely, there’s more to go around. Right?

Enjoy the icon.

Insta: DemzVisuals