Andronic – 17-08-19

Let me fill you in on a little secret. My geography is woeful. And I mean woeful. I traverse the same streets on a regular basis takin’ the same routes whilst not payin’ attention to street names. Most of us probably do. However, if someone was to ask me how to get somewhere, automatically, my brain goes into ‘cease’ mode. It’s a little funny truth be told. Why am I mentionin’ this here? The location of this shoot has somehow eluded me for a while. Each day when I’m en route to the office, I go by on the train. I’ve been here before. I know how to get there. Or so I thought a few months back when I went with my cousin to shoot, somehow couldn’t figure out how to get to it by foot rather than goin’ by on a train ‘n’ ended up shootin’ elsewhere. So you can imagine my joy as I found it on my excursion over a week ago. Today I present to you: Demz Visuals: Andronic.

Now as I mentioned yesterday in Platt Fields Rose, horticulture is not my specialty. Now I think on it, I’m probably more adept at decipherin’ the names of plants ‘n’ flowers than givin’ directions! The aforementioned statement clearly bein’ a lie as to get the name of these ‘berry-like things’, I had to type in Google: ‘red balls that hangs on trees’. I can assure you the responses were definitely safe for work!

When I think on it, I suppose I’ve always had a fascination for visuals. As much as I may enjoy a black ‘n’ white image or film, vivid colours are always dope dependent on the context in which they are used. Also, as far back as I can remember, red has always been my favourite colour – which I find strange considerin from a fashion perspective, It’s never been a colour I actively sought to implement in my wardrobe choices. For me it’s more how red ‘stands out’ amidst other tones. Only nature can pull off the red ‘n’ green colour-way in a way that bangs!

This shoot in particular was one of the first since I copped the 50mm lens. What’s fascinatin’ is that in a short space of time, my editin’ n’ shootin’ skills has improved. And that’s in no way an unfounded boast. I’m far from classin’ my self as a photographer. Quick side-note, I jumped in an Uber en route to a shoot a couple days ago ‘n’ seein’ as I had my gear around my neck, the driver asked if I was a photographer. My response: “erm, I suppose you can say that”. My point, even professionals, irrelevant of their craft or skill-set are always seekin’ to improve, that’s the nature of life. “Constant repetition is the path to progression”. Word to Nip. Each day I’m learnin’ somethin’ new regardin’ shootin’, editin’ ‘n’ life skills in general.

On a final note, in recent times, I’ve come to be a believer in energy. What you put out will come back to you. One way or another. When you first delve into somethin’ new, it can seem insurmountable, but keep at it. You’ll quickly discover new depths. ‘N’ new opportunities.

Enjoy the icon.

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