Platt Fields Rose – 22-08-19

After I uploaded the images from the Dyno shoot ‘n’ made a bite-sized blog post, I asked myself one simple question: “Why don’t you just upload the images from each shoot to your blog rather than solely Insta?”. When I initially created this space separate from IBTC, it was intended as a platform to showcase all things Demz. As per the ‘bio’ on my page, I’m a man of simplicity – there’s only a handful of things that intrigue me enough to commit to on a somewhat regular basis. As per the #OperationIdris posts, I enjoy liftin’ weights. As per my sporadic trysts with music, I enjoy writin’ ‘n’ recordin’ music – that relationship status is currently set to ‘it’s complicated’. ‘N’ finally, as per my “you’re never too old to learn somethin’ new” post, I enjoy capturin’ images. I find it dope. So, in the aim of providin’ quality content on a more consistent basis, today I present to you, Demz Visuals: Platt Fields Rose.

Unlike Dyno’s shoot, this one was impromptu – but considerin’ the content, I’m glad it occurred. Also, my work schedule permits me a day or two in the week to myself (shift dependent), so I’m actively dedicatin’ time to shoot. As with anythin’ the more you do it, the better you get. Anyhow, I hit the gym as per on Wednesday (leg/tricep/abs/cardio split). The only difference this time was I had my ‘rig’ with me as I didn’t stay home that night. MYDB. So workout finish, I’m in the changin’ room swappin’ my sweat-drenched T for a dry one. (Side-note: “if you’re not drenched, did you even work out though?”). As I’m ready to leave, a thought occurred to me: “you’ve got your rig with you, hit the park ‘n’ take some test shots”. So I did.

Reachin’ the park, I whip the cam out ‘n’ I start fiddlin’ with ISO, aperture n shutter speed settin’s as I’ve officially taken off the trainin’ wheels of shootin’ in a ‘camera selected mode’. It’s amazin’ to think last year when I had the kit lens, I would shoot in ‘csm’ – but the confidence wasn’t there. It’s not quite there yet, but each day it builds. Like a child who’s said to themselves: “it’s time to lose the stabilisers”, there’s a realisation that you can do this. You gotta believe in ya own sauce! Don’t let the drip go to your head though! I may have mentioned this last week, but I actively found myself mutterin’ different settin’s etc to try dependent on the natural light at play. And you know what, I was right. The main reason I went to the park as well was by practisin’ solo, when it comes to shoots, they can transition smoothly due to me knowin’ off the bat what settin’s will work. Overall, it gives it a more professional feel!

Whilst testin’ out the settin’s I found a gate within the park which lead to a garden. In all the years I have been in ‘n’ around the park, I never knew this place existed. The layout was evocative of a grid wherein each ‘square’ had it’s own patch of shrubs and bushes. My horticultural knowledge is non-existent at best so I can’t go into specifics. The walkways were segmented by stone/gravel (I’m not sure), and there was this dope apple tree in the middle. I should have got a picture. Maybe I’ll go back one day to get more content? One of the main things which drew me to pictures from way back was the idea that photography can capture ‘moments’. Moments of triumph, moments of pain, or in case, moments of discovery. Though this garden has been in close proximity this whole time, I may never have found it if it wasn’t for my camera. ‘N’ to that, I’m grateful.

As I’m still learnin’ my trade, until I find my ‘style’, I’m just havin’ fun atm playin’ around with different shots, compositions ‘n’ editin’ styles. I suppose that’s why from as far back as I can remember I’ve had an innate disposition towards creativity. It’s excitin’. It’s engagin’. But most importantly, it’s subjective. To each their own interpretation. ‘N’ that’s what’s brilliant. Subjective styles sparks intriguin’ dialogue.

Enjoy the images.

Insta: @DemzVisuals