Dyno – 21-08-19

At the point of writin’ this (22.08.19 @ 7:27pm), the decision to set up a photography Insta is probably about an hour into it’s new life. Upon speakin’ to a close one, the realisation was made abundantly clear, set somethin’ up seperate from my other projects to showcase multiple skill-sets. And I agree. As mentioned last week, “you’re never too old to learn somethin new”. I can’t stress this enough. I already mention the reasons for gettin’ back into photography last week so I shan’t bore you with repetition. Instead… lend me your attention for a few minutes ‘n’ let’s touch on somethin’ new. We won’t be here long.

So boom, since I copped the 50mm, I’ve actively been shootin’. Like anythin’, the more you practice, the better you get. I now find myself notin’ what shutter speed, aperture size and ISO would be best suited to the varyin’ changes in light. ‘N’ you know what, I’m gettin’ it now – slowly but surely. It’s amazin’ to think how when I first got my camera, I would always shoot in a ‘mode’ rather than manual. That was good for gettin’ an idea what would work, but DSLR’s are so much more intricate than a ‘point ‘n’ click’ job.

Regardin’ Lightroom, I’ll be lyin’ if I say I’ve got that figured. But, rather than be daunted like I was in the early stages, I’ve opted to learn somethin’ new each time I use it which will ease the burden in the long run. For me, when I have a genuine interest in somethin’, though the early stages may seem as aforementioned, dauntin’, it’s more the thrill of figurin’ things out. I like the excitement. It keeps the mind engaged ‘n’ it’s always honourable to adopt, learn and cultivate a new skill-set. That’s the preliminary sorted. Now for those who don’t know, you’re probably wonderin’ to yourself: “who’s that guy you’re usin’ as the feature image?” For those who do know, well, you already know. 

From the jump, I’ve gotta say, it’s dope when you have people at hand who are willin’ to help out when needed. Also, slight digression, for those who really know, you’ll already be aware that Dyno was the one who kick-started my IBTC blog last year. So, it was only fittin’ he provided the spark to my foray into photography. What one must realise is, there’s beauty in mutually beneficial unions. As a buddin’ photographer eager to hone his skills, I’m always on the hunt for willin’ individuals keen to shoot. As an artist, promo, press, marketing etc is always needed. So, in short, win-win link up.

Anyhow, I did say we wouldn’t be here long. And I’m true to my word – for a change. On a last note however, the new photography Insta is @demzvisuals.