You’re never too old to learn somethin’ new

This may be a quick one still. Who knows. I’ve got a Chet Baker playlist runnin’ thru the Beats whilst typin’. Actually we ain’t got time to be here all night. It’s been a long day, followed by a half-hearted gym session – (it happens), ‘n’ now my food is gettin’ cold downstairs. So let’s jump straight in.

I’ve always been fascinated by imagery – whether still or movin’, candid or posed – it never mattered to me. I’ve always leaned towards the artistic side truth be told. So boom, last year after spendin’ around a month researchin’ (whilst settin’ up I Be The Cool), I copped a Nikon D5600 – a solid entry level camera for a would be hobbyist / amateur. When I copped, it came with the standard 18-55mm kit lens.

Now I’ve never used a digital camera before, so when I was researchin’ things like ISO, shutter speed ‘n’ aperture, I’ll admit, it all seemed hella dauntin’. So dauntin’ in fact, I opted to use the camera in ‘pre-set’ modes rather than shootin’ in manual to get the true feel of the lens ‘n’ how to utilise it in different settin’s etc. So dauntin’ in fact that rather than designatin’ time to go out ‘n’ shoot, whether it be people, buildin’s, scenery, I opted to ‘outsource’ whenever I needed photography for IBTC or personal material. If you’ve been followin’  the journey since last year, you’ll know I met up with Da YIC aroun’ June last year ‘n’ he shot for a few articles featured etc.

Anyhow, fast forward to around a month ago. After speakin’ to a few friends wherein we’ve decided to collaborate and consolidate our skills ‘n’ resources to put somethin’ tangible together – (more on that when things become concrete), I realised: I’ve literally left my camera on the top of my wardrobe gatherin’ dust for many months. I’m talkin’ literal dust on the camera bag when I took it down. Now that’s not right. I spent a decent amount on that. But the monetary value was not the real issue. I realised I fell victim to the ‘rat-race’ of the corporate world ‘n’ put one of my passions on the back burner. That just wouldn’t do!

Realisin’, I made a decision to cop the 50mm lens I’ve been readin’ about for the past few months ‘n’ actually get back out there n shoot. This also tied in with a promise I made to myself at the start of the year: learn a new skill. Because, the fact of the matter is this: “you’re never too old to learn somethin’ new”. By learnin’ a new skill, you’re engagin’ the mind in a new, fresh ‘n’ excitin way, you’re open to new posssibilities ‘n’ opportunities, ‘n’ you feel a sense of achievement knowin’ somethin’ that was once dauntin’ is slowly becomin’ the norm.

I’ve already startin’ houndin’ people askin’ when they are available to shoot as it’s a skill I earnestly want to improve upon. Immensely. I’ve been watchin’ the YouTube tutorials on different shootin’ styles, different editin’ styles in post, n different techniques to gain the best images on the equipment one uses. What I love about shootin’ digital is, it takes genuine skill. Don’t go cop the waviest camera or the waviest lens n think you’ve made it. Yeah, the quality will be as standard, better than somethin’ on the lower end, but are you  really learnin?  A seasoned photographer can use my gear ‘n’ produce somethin’ wavier than me usin’ his top end equipment. This game comes with patience. 

Anyhow, I’m out. Told you it weren’t a long one. Gotta put my food in the microwave now.

Oh. Before I forget. Here’s somethin’ I cooked up with Joe. Enjoy