#OperationIdris – Month 5 – May *19

For those that read last month’s entry, welcome back. For those that are new to #OperationIdris, welcome. You can check out the previous entries here. I’m gonna keep it one hunna from the jump. May was tragic! The featured image says it all. To me, no real progression – dare I say regressed? What should have been a month of might mysteriously meandered into a month of misery. Momentum became momentary. Bein’ the second planned month of the PPL split, the idea was to go out with a bang before I switched up. The gym can be monotonous so I find switchin’ not only “shocks the muscles” as the legend Arnie once quoted, but variance is good for the pysche. Doin’ the same thing over ‘n’ over can send you crazy! ‘N’ loopy I became. This month, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Month 5.


Before we proceed, I wanna address somethin’. At the point of writin’ this entry (27/05/19), we’re still in May (obviously). Since I started the Operation, the months have kinda just naturally been 4 weeks – (ish). But with my mental discipline wanin’, I had to make a change – ‘n’ fast. After a convo with the lone wolf, (Boag), wherein he stressed the need to make an urgent change before I went too deep into the rabbit hole of meh, I decided to change today rather than wait out the week – ‘n’ it did wonders. I woke up lookin’ forward to trainin’. Somethin’ I haven’t done in a long while. But more on the new split in Month 6’s entry. Back to Month 5

So – I told you. I’d keep it one hunna. That table makes tragic readin’. Week 18 looks as lonely as the bench press on a Monday. In other words, it makes no rahtid sense! I suppose (‘n’ even I know what’s about to come next is a stretch), the one good thing I can take away is the fact I can still say I have not missed a week of gym since I started back in January. Technically. I actually rolled my eyes and smirked as I wrote the two precedin’ sentences. ‘N’ to be honest, the tragedy that was Week 18 was only ‘saved’ (again a stretch), by the conscious fact that if I didn’t go to the gym at all that week, I wouldn’t have the ‘perfect record’ – ‘n’ that wouldn’t do. But, let’s break it down from Week 17.

I started the month with perfect form ‘n’ a perfect mindset. Completin’ a consistent 6 day week inclusive of 2 double sessions placed me in great stead to continue the month in this manner. Truth be told, I should actually hit three doubles on this program – Tuesday, Thursday ‘n’ Saturday, but hey, solid week nonetheless. Then came the dreaded bank holiday. Now, I’ll admit, I do enjoy the occasional rum, white wine, brandy and Hennessy. Anythin’ bar vodka really. That seems to get me rowdy ‘n’ in unnecessaries. So I avoid that like the gym between 5-7pm. It can get a tad lairy.

As you’ve come to know (for returnin’ readers), Sunday is my day off. After completin’ a solid week, I mentally prepared myself for no gym the Monday of Week 18 seein’ as I was doin BH Sunday ‘longside Cee at the usual spot. But I should have known myself better. See, it’s come to my attention within the last couple years that when I go drinkin’ , I need two days to recover. Also, I am a man that works on momentum. A momentary lapse, if not caught early can easily descend into a desolate decay in determination. True to word, after havin’ a dope night out, after party ‘n’ all, gym was a myth on Monday. But then came Tuesday. I was still feelin fragile, so the iron house didn’t see me. Then came Wednesday, I was actually back to normal – but I genuinely could not be arsed goin’ gym. Gym bag packed from the previous night, my 6am alarm kicked off. I looked at my phone, turned it off, set it to 8am, woke up at 8am, got ready for work with no intention of trainin’ at the dreaded ‘rush hours’ after work. Then came Thursday, again, the will was not there. Friday, repeat of Wednesday. Saturday mornin’ I said to myself: “You’re goin’ whether you want to or not.” So I did. But you should know somethin’.

Week 17’s Saturday, en route home from town, I had a sudden urge to pop into my local Co-Op to cop one of their stuff crust pizzas. It was inexplicable, it came from nowhere, ‘n’ I caved to the mental pressure. So in Co-Op I went to buy it ‘longside a garlic bread pizza. I actually FaceTimed my sis (the immediate fam were all at hers) to show them what I was doin’. They all found it funny ‘n’ were shocked that I was ‘relapsin’. But it gets worse. Monday afternoon, feelin’ the effects of the previous day, I went to Co-Op ‘n’ bought the same thing again. ‘N’ it gets worse. Wednesday, I went to Tesco ‘n’ copped two Ristorante pizzas. So not only did I not train the bulk of that week, I also ate very poorly. Worst week since the Operation’s inception.

In an attempt to ‘make amends’ for the terrible lack of discipline that week, I resulted to a stupid measure that lasted two weeks, which I shall never do again. I decided to ‘under-eat’ ‘n’ over train. Do. Not. Do. This. I skipped my mornin’ porridge mixed with one scoop of protein shake ‘n’ trained on an empty stomach. Stupid idea. For two weeks, I basically had two actual meals per day with my usual protein shake mixed with water twice a day (one in the mornin’, one at night). By around Tuesday of Week 19, my mood had actually changed. I didn’t realise at first, but I was miserable. The lack of food in the mornin’ meant my workouts were diminished ‘n’ I was easily irritable. There was this one occasion I was tryin’ to get my bag out the locker ‘n’ cursed out loud when it took a few yanks (instead of a gentle pull) to extricate it from the narrow space. Good thing I was in the changin’ room by myself.

The hunt for abs meant I was doin’ some ridiculous things this month. Actually, I take that back. I wouldn’t deem it ridiculous. Sometimes you should try things before you write them off as silly. I tried the ‘fasted’ trainin’ n for me it’s not the one. I love food too much! Though I was trainin at hypertrophy range, my strength was at an all time low, my mental discipline was wanin’ ‘n’ I did not enjoy trainin’. Those factors, coupled with two bank holidays in one month wherein I indulged was always goin’ to be a recipe for disaster. ‘n’ I take full responsibility. Week 20 was just as woeful as Week 18 due to this factor as well. Regardin’ my diet, that wasn’t strict at all this month. Though the three occasions of pizza were the worst instances, I actually stopped tracking what I was actually consumin’ in terms of weight. It was a ‘free weight’ game.

But, we live – ‘n’ we learn. May was an educational month all round. It taught me I need to regain a sense of discipline regardin’ nights out. I’m not goin’ to stop drinkin’. That would be a blatant lie. But I shall endeavour to not drink to the point of allowin’ it to impact a session. That won’t do. It taught me the importance of recognisin’ when one must tweak/adapt/change a routine to keep one’s sanity. The gym can be a very monotonous hobby if you don’t keep it excitin’. It taught me that I need to put on my big boy pants ‘n’ start trackin’ my damn macros so I’m not purposefully undereatin’. But most importantly, it taught me that I must remain mentally resilient when it gets tough.

Oh. I changed my hair too.

Thanks for readin’.


“Open your mind.”