#OperationIdris – Day 100 – Rudding Park – 18-05-19

In April, somethin’ occurred to me. If I kept trainin’ at my current trajectory (Mon-Sat), I was gonna hit Day 1 Hunna in May. Realisin’ this, I made a mental note to do a celebratory ‘pat-on-the-back’ 1RM session on chest ‘n’ deadlift (on the aforementioned 100th day), to ascertain my strength on the current PPL split. But like life, things don’t always go accordin’ to plan. In Week 18, I was hit with low motivation on all fronts resultin’ in 5 consecutive days missed – my worst since the Operation’s inception. However, there’s always a silver linin’. After Thursday’s (16/5) gruellin’ second session, I unlocked my phone, opened my notes, logged the calories burned on the cross trainer and checked it off as completed. Then it hit me. The followin’ day, Friday 17th, aka the world’s most delayed Christmas do, would coincide with my 100th day. I beamed. This week, I introduce to you: #OperationIdris – Day 100 – Rudding Park.

I wanna make this clear from the jump – this visit was a work do ‘longside colleagues. That disclaimer needs to be thrown into the ether as a few people hit me up with: “who youuu there with bro”? No matter how much I professed it was a work thing, I think my pleas fell on deaf ears. I may have to get the staff to back me on this one. One individual whom I was havin’ an earnest conversation with asked if I was with a female, to which my reply was “no, If I was, we wouldn’t be engaged in a conversation right now”. To which her reply was: “you never know these days”. If you’re readin’ this, I’ll tell the people like I told you: “I dunno who hurt you, but leave me out of that pile”. I beg you. Now we got that out the way, let’s talk Day 1 Hunna ‘n’ Rudding Park.

1b-gallery-image-rudding-18As stated on their website, Rudding Park is a:  “A privately owned luxury hotel, with 90 bedrooms and suites, destination spa, two restaurants, a kitchen garden, private cinema, two golf courses and conference and events space. Set in 300 acres of landscaped gardens and woodland, Rudding Park is the most beautiful hotel in Harrogate”. Here’s the real. as this was my first trip to Harrogate, I don’t have another hotel in which I can make a comparison to. That bein’ said, I’ll still agree with the last line of that statement. Find me somewhere else that resembles this place in Harrogate with the facilities and services, ‘n’ my allegiance will not be swayed. I’ve made my decision! The only downside of the trip, which has NOTHIN’ to do with this place was that I left my camera at home so I couldn’t take my own pictures. All images used are courtesy of Rudding Park’s website.

1a-gallery-image-reception-6-smallerOnce we drove down the path that led us to the hotel ‘n’ parked, upon entry we were greeted by a lit fireplace in the spacious reception. Nice touch. Usually, I’m one to make note of a person’s name when interacting, but on this occasion, I have to say I was distracted. Sorry guys. That’s on me – not you. Whilst my sis was sortin’ the rooms etc, a gentleman asked for our bags ‘n’ we were taken to our rooms via the library. The whole place was a fusion of contemporary ‘n’ classic decour throughout which I thought was cool. Bein’ someone who’s drawn to cleanliness, I couldn’t help but notice it was pristine throughout. I love that. Another stellar thing I loved was the friendliness ‘n’ invitin’ nature of the staff throughout the visit. They were efficient ‘n’ readily available to answer any questions posed. A1 service. On the matter of questions asked, once I was shown to my room, take a guess at the first question I asked him… Yep that’s right. But we’ll get to that. Let’s check out the room first.

We stayed in the Follifoot wing I believe. That’s what the email confirmation said anyhow. I didn’t pay attention tbh. I was just strollin’ through takin’ in how nice this place was. It’s always good to get away from time to time. As per the video below, that’s the layout of the room. I had a garden view which looked onto the spa which consisted of a rooftop area, swimming pool, Juniper log sauna ‘n’ as you correctly guessed what I asked him, the gym! Excuse the chewin’ of the gum in the video. I didn’t realise I was doin’ it until a certain ‘Moanin’ Martin’ picked it up ‘n’ mentioned it to me. He was highly envious. Oh well. I had a King sized bed to myself ‘n’ still only slept on one side – (old habits die hard), ‘n’ a bathtub which I made use of. That was my first actual bath I’ve had in around 2-3 years. With the hustle of everyday life, showers are more efficient. Even somethin’ as ‘small’ as havin’ a bath added to my relaxation. It was a massive tub!




Once I took in the room ‘n’ unpacked, I messaged the guys to ask who’s comin’ to the  gym. I knew no one would but it was worth a try. A couple of them were already at the bar, whilst the others were gettin’ ready to head to the pool n Juniper sauna. I had my priorities straight – #OperationIdris first, shenanigans later. Now, bein’ a hotel gym, I wasn’t expectin’ an ‘Iron-House’ set up or even a franchise like mine, just the basics. As per the video below, this was the set up. Now, here’s what’s funny. On my current PPL split, Friday is the second Back / Bicep workout which I reserve for accessory work with the machines. Seein’ as this gym consisted of a smith ‘n’ cable cross over machine, dumbbells up to 20kg (may have been 22kg), ‘n’ a few cardio machines, I did what any self-respectin’ gym bro would do: I did an arm workout!




I don’t want you thinkin’ I did arms ‘n’ that’s it. It was more than that. Bein’ conscious of time, I devised a quick workout to work up a sweat. I got to the gym around 4, dinner was booked for 8:30pm, ‘n’ I wanted to use the pool n Juniper. I had to be efficient with my time. Here’s my workout:

Hammer curls w Individual dumbbell tricep extension – 18kg w 12kg – 4×15

Seated individual curls w Individual dumbbell tricep extension – 14kg w 12kg – 4×15

Smith machine calf raises – 60kg – 5×25

Cross Trainer – Lv 14 – 10 minutes – 102 calories

I know what you’re thinkin’. 10 minutes! You usually do 15 when you’re trainin’ weights ‘n’ 30 when you hit a double. Two reasons why it was 10. 1 – I was conscious of time. As much as I love trainin’, it’s not everyday you hit a spa so I wanted to enjoy the pool ‘n’ Juniper (which I did for a couple hours post gym n shower). 2 – I did intend to do 20 as a compromise as it wasn’t a ‘proper’ weight session, BUT, I don’t know where Rudding Park got this Cross Trainer from, but it is THE DEVIL. Level 14 in my gym is hard, but doable as I’ve trained up to it. Here, it made me feel like I was startin’ from scratch. The whole movement of the machine wasn’t as fluid as I’m used to. But I say that’s a good problem. When I’ve been hittin’ 30 minutes in my gym on level 14, I burn anywhere between 470-491 calroies ‘n’ I’m drippin’. Here’s what I looked like after 10 minutes on this devilish device:



I saw the tunnel. I saw the lights. I saw the end. Fair play. Fair play.

The Juniper log sauna was probably my favourite part of the trip. I haven’t been to a steam room / sauna set up in years so I relished it. As I’m currently on a year long cut, the idea of sweatin’ out toxins (‘n’ sweatin’ off some chunk in general) was invitin’. The pool was a great addition as well, but I’m no Phelps or ‘Thorpedo’. I prefer my feet planted firmly on the ground! I wasn’t gonna take my phone in there – I didn’t know how it would hold up.  Does it / would it effect your phone? Hit me up ‘n’ let me know. Here’s the state of me back in my room after the Juniper pre dinner bath ‘n’ shower. If I hit a sauna on a regular basis, coupled with my diet ‘n’ trainin’ program, I would have had the chiseled look already. In theory.




1b-non-linked-image-ctr184Dinner (‘n’ breakfast the followin’ morning – i.e today), was served in the Clocktower restaurant. The food was brilliant! – But I stitched myself up. Because I eat chicken ‘n’ mince regularly, when I go out, I usually order fish or steak dependent on my appetite. In my head I was thinkin’: “I’m on a cut, leave the steak alone”. My seabass on prawn ‘n’ side salad was unreal, but when I saw the size of it in comparison to those who ordered steak, I had food envy! Seein’ as I also ordered chunky chips ‘n’ onion rings, I may as well have ordered the steak! Also, as I keep it 1 hunna with you guys, I may or may not have ordered home made ice cream infused with brownies. Who actually knows?

Breakfast was a concoction of scrambled eggs; beans (first time I’ve eaten these since the Operation), hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, pancakes, melons ‘n’ orange juice. Oh how I indulged. But BEFORE, I ate this madness (which was delicious), I did manage 12 minutes on that devilish device again. I had to drop it to level 12 this time. ‘N’ at the point of writin’ this, I realise I didn’t log the calories burnt. Ah well. I ate a looot more than I burned. But, life is about moderation.

So to round up, I wanna thank Rudding Park’s staff for an incredible experience. They were personable, friendly ‘n’ truly made my visit worthwhile. An absolutely stellar service! Seein’ as they cater to needs rangin’ from weddin’s, corporate and leisure, who wouldn’t wanna stay at “the most beautiful hotel in Harrogate?”




“Don’t stop until you’re proud”