LeBeau’s world – 15-05-19

Afternoon all. I’ll be honest from the jump, we won’t be here for long. This is what i’ll refer to as a ‘much ado about nothin’ post. No real motive per se other than to state I decided to buy a domain independent of IBTC wherein I can share material conducive to me on a personal level. But, we know the waffle can be dripped in syrup ‘n’ served with melted chocolate so kick back. We may end up in a food coma regrettin’ we stayed too long, or it may be a quick in ‘n’ out. No face. No …

So yeah, I mentioned in the first #OperationIdris post that due to not havin’ a seperate domain (at the time), I shared those posts on the IBTC format. But as time went by, it bothered me. Those posts do not fit the aesthetic of that brand. That sh*t ain’t cool B. Realisin’ what I had to do, I hit up WordPress in search of a new space to share. Now, here’s what’s funny. In search of a new spot to post, I tried to ‘deny who I am’. What I mean by that is I’m a man of routine. I need things that are familiar to operate. I am who I am. So when searchin’ for a new design, I came across a few themes that were different. I even set up two, but once I got ‘opened up and took a peek at the inner workin’s’, I didn’t like them. So I chose the same design as IBTC. It’s easier for me to navigate as I’m used to it anyhow. I don’t like change.

That bein’ said, I do realise when things need to be amended in order to have a semblance of continuity. Goin’ forward, all ‘cool’ material will be posted on the usual format wherein anything personal you shall find here. Whether it be writin’, music (just when I thought I was out, she pulled me back in < points for who get’s that reference), photography, #OperationIdris posts, or more, if it’s my perspective, you’ll find it here. I’m payin for it so I’ll post what I want.

As we speak, As I type, I’m workin’ on a few things in order to bring LeBeau’s World to the fore. But for now, enjoy what’s available. Safe.

“Elevation may require isolation.”

Image by @js__visuals